Inside Penguins Hockey – Evgeni Malkin & Max Talbot (Air Date 1-24-2010) Part 2

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23 Responses to “Inside Penguins Hockey – Evgeni Malkin & Max Talbot (Air Date 1-24-2010) Part 2”

  1. seattlesonlypensfan says:

    This really has absolutely nothing to do with the video but I love Max’s shoes during this video.

  2. alabamababy17 says:


  3. MaireadandBrii says:

    haha matt i like that kid

  4. Madaquamoon says:

    ** Geno** ” i like skate and necver stop. ”

  5. EwaMnacakanov says:

    Max’s guess was right – Chicago is in finals :P

  6. steph0johncena says:

    Malkin :
    I like blonde, smart girls.

  7. toto1712 says:

    @GhostWalker40 I think he said MAD, cause Max nickname is Mad Max, i heard somewhere!

  8. annzter says:

    guys, my little cousin says “matt” instead of “max” all the time and his baby brother’s name is max. it’s cool, it’s a speech thing!

  9. pensfanluver says:

    haha i feel so bad for max cuz the kid said matt! haha i feel so embarressed cuz i live in pittsburgh and they prob think pittsburghers are freaks!!!!

  10. XxXDanceToThisBeatXx says:

    “Hardest working player you have played against or with?”

    “Tastes great!”

    Lol gotta love Maxie….kudos to Geno his english seems to be getting better with every interview I watch.
    Thanks for uploading this!!! : )

  11. 87penguinlover71 says:

    Haha Geno” maybe Megan Fox”
    Love Maxy” can I come?”
    I love inside Penguins Hockey. Ghostwalker40 thx 4 uploading this. U rock!

  12. levnest15 says:


  13. eyesgirlx6x9 says:

    I wonder how Max Talbot felt when that kid called him Matt?

  14. AMAEBG says:

    Can I come ? =D

  15. sidneycrosbylvr152 says:

    haha maybe fox
    love geno

  16. xashleyxisxhardcorex says:

    Any answer that starts off with “Well, I’m not married” is a great one.

  17. happinessruns2u says:

    haha i love all of geno’s jokes! hes really come a long way in his english!

  18. skiingislife89 says:

    Yeah seriously… you’d think if you were sitting in on IPH you would be a big enough fan to know it’s Max. Oh well… guess he’s just a kid.

  19. GhostWalker40 says:

    I think he did

  20. steelercrazy12 says:

    I love this Inside Penguins Hockey Show. Thanks for posting these GhostWalker40! Geno haha hearing him ramble or “attempt” is great, he has come a long way with his english!

  21. hockeychick1171 says:

    Did that kid say say Matt??

  22. skiingislife89 says:

    LMAO Geno…

    “Maybe Megan Fox?” hahaha

  23. MsBlackHawks says:

    Max is the greatest guy to answer questions… he elaborates so much!

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