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Inside Penguins Hockey – Evgeni Malkin & Max Talbot (Air Date 1-24-2010) Part 1

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25 Responses to “Inside Penguins Hockey – Evgeni Malkin & Max Talbot (Air Date 1-24-2010) Part 1”

  1. zhbroder says:

    @grizelda71 no, you are wrong. I think he says “I think he’s (a) pretty guy” but he might well have said “it’s pretty gay”

  2. kaylawalya93 says:

    Geno just earned some browie points with me! That was very nice of him to touch the sholder of that guy in the wheel chair!!!!

  3. Madaquamoon says:

    Great work on your english geno!! so proud! lolz. chikakee!!!! lolz! MAX…YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR< AND GENO.. YOUR MY BIG RUSSIAN TEDDY BEAR!!!! lolz. gotta love it!

  4. seattlesonlypensfan says:

    @Cheyenne34oxox Oh he definitely still has it on certain words but I know what you mean when you say he has basically lost it. If you listen to him say words such as opportunity and Thanksgiving you can still hear it.

  5. Element6Water says:

    I never new Malkin had such a strong accent…I would love to hear him lip off other players on the ice it would be hilarious

  6. SarahLee1 says:

    He definitely said “I think it’s pretty gay”.

  7. Cheyenne34oxox says:

    I miss Max’s accent. ):
    He has basicly lot itt.

  8. thimblesandkisses says:

    aww I love evgeni

  9. marcsidgenojordan11 says:

    Max loves the crowd and being called a superstar

  10. genosgirl71 says:

    i cant believe evgeni’s english! a ton of improvment. this video is so damn cute

  11. crazybabie55 says:

    lol it is pretty funny tho that malkin sounds like he said its pretty gay hah

  12. lisameyer says:

    MAX, you are a SUPERSTAR!

  13. levnest15 says:

    this is so cheesy =P

  14. malkin71mvp says:

    GhostWalker–I love you!
    Forget Sid–Will you marry me? =)

  15. happinessruns2u says:

    haha this is hilarious! thanks for uploading it! i love how max pronounces “opportunity” ! haha!

  16. 2112Dmoney says:

    i love malkin’s parents, and malkin’s speech

  17. GhostWalker40 says:


  18. GhostWalker40 says:

    Ah come on, it’s funnier if he said gay

  19. hockeychick1171 says:

    Geno’s English still needs a lot of work, but he has come along way!!!

  20. cariocracy says:

    Ohmygod YES. I’ve been dying to see this. Thank you!!

  21. grizelda71 says:

    He says “pretty good”, not “gay”. Come on….

  22. grizelda71 says:

    He says its pretty great or pretty good, he does NOT say “gay”.

  23. grizelda71 says:

    THanks so much for uploading this. :)

  24. lyndz575 says:

    I think he said he thinks its pretty great because of max’s reaction..maybe not though!

  25. molls033192 says:

    hahahhahahahah wow!!
    he probably doesn’t get how it’s not a good thing to say in english

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