Inside Penguins Hockey – Alex Goligoski & Kris Letang (Air Date 1-16-2010) Part 2

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16 Responses to “Inside Penguins Hockey – Alex Goligoski & Kris Letang (Air Date 1-16-2010) Part 2”

  1. mspipeline05 says:

    I fucking love Tanger!

  2. ZatchPatch says:

    pfft tanger is jockin my fresh, i wore oversized beanies before him.

  3. ClaroDeLuna18 says:

    omg!!! i can touch his hair all day long <3<3<3 sex hair yeah!!!

  4. melic410 says:

    thank the lord for that lady and the hat question. i love his hair!

  5. dsulli8 says:

    J’Aime Kris Letang
    tangers is gorgeous :D
    adorable in person haha he signed my pens dvd at the dvd signing :D

  6. iluvmort64 says:

    wow i reeeallyyy wanna run my fingers through tanger’s hair..he’s freakin hott..and i love metallica too :)

  7. vcchockey1992 says:

    um… kris letang

    just saying

  8. xoxokrisletang58xoxo says:

    i love letang, , ,hes soo hawt!!

    i<3333 his hair; ; ;


  9. Snickers1187 says:

    his hair is…wow..

  10. dsulli8 says:

    when tangers took off his hat…dang :D <3
    haha tangers ur so awesome
    haha duper 4 minutes haha only 4 wooow dupey way to go haha

  11. xashleyxisxhardcorex says:

    @2112Dmoney I thought the same thing.

  12. 2112Dmoney says:

    when did goligoski get hair

  13. skiingislife89 says:

    “Don’t give up… even if you’re small and skinny” — Words of wisdom from Letang.

  14. OwensDad73 says:

    Thanks for posting. I like the edited version without the filler.

  15. RevRubenDiablo says:

    Goligoski is the weak link on defence. HE NEEDS TO GO!

  16. 45Arson says:

    great show indeed =) Kris is so adorable…. fan of Mario, Metallica and Hopkins XD and with hair which “so far” from Potash’s =]

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