Inside LOOK @ Pittsburgh Penguins Practice

12/1/2010 - Iceoplex @ Southpointe - Perspective from the front row by the glass of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey practice - Brooks Orpik shoots a puck right at me while he is waiting for his turn in the current drill... (1:30) Kris Letang & Sidney Crosby battle for the puck directly by me... it's a great couple of minutes for any Penguins fan! XOXO Penguins Paparazzi

4 Responses to “Inside LOOK @ Pittsburgh Penguins Practice”

  1. carriechason says:

    @cejerome Sometimes you can find the schedule online. Also, a Penguins-based-Twitter feed is very valuable!

  2. cejerome says:

    do you have to have special access or do you just know when they practice?

  3. JenS32 says:

    damn, even practice is intense. Great shot : )

  4. thechez29 says:

    i can’t even explain how jealous i am that you get to go to these carrie

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