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IIHF World Cup -Ice Hockey 2010: Canada – Switzerland goals


25 Responses to “IIHF World Cup -Ice Hockey 2010: Canada – Switzerland goals”

  1. temp54 says:

    @Zeepeli THat’s Switzerland. Not Sweden. Sweden is yellow and blue, and a monarchy.

  2. MultiqProductions says:

    @Zeepeli Lucky? They are much better than Finland.

  3. skate3745 says:

    @Zeepeli no sweden pwns!

    Im swedish and i reckon this :D

  4. Zeepeli says:

    @yttis97 denying can be ugly thing :S

  5. yttis97 says:

    @Zeepeli bullshit!

  6. ajjki456 says:

    canada didnt have best team

  7. Pundidas says:

    just a great game…

  8. vertgg says:

    @pROTPANDA The last time such a game was played between Canada and Sweden was in the 02 olympics, in which Sweden won easily.

  9. swisshockeyguy says:

    The swiss players were very good.

  10. Vansuoko says:


    Oh really, I guess that’s why Canada won on international sized ice in 2002, right?

  11. Zeepeli says:

    @Slippar247 just saying that Sweden got easy opponent again. quarter-finals, Finland vs CZECH and Sweden vs DENMARK. Ring any bells? well you lost to Czechs so that amused me very much :)

  12. Slippar247 says:

    @Zeepeli lucky?! lol

  13. Zeepeli says:

    sweden got lucky again.

  14. Slippar247 says:

    @Nicollie1062 yeah.. you see… russia lose to tshekki altough russia have almost all it’s stars

  15. Nicollie1062 says:

    @ladyangelist exactly!! it’s annoying people are all like ” yeah but canada doesn’t have all it’s players” excuses , excuses , excuses. ^_^

  16. ladyangelist says:

    The swiss are really starting to own canada in IIHF.I do n,t care about roster excuses , don,t show up with a weak team if you want to save the fragile illusion that canada hockey is elite

  17. ladyangelist says:

    canada couldn’t win on an olympic size rink,thats why they insisted on a nhl size rink in vancouver their skating would have been exposed ,Russia didn,t have everyone thereand they trounced canada!

  18. 12OclockLow says:

    @refrath Exactly… we Canadians just don’t like to loose is all.

  19. volyn says:

    @logey23 man you made canadian proud hockey players group of dumbs, this tournament is weaker than in no-olympics season, but still very popular, you think that Messier, Heatley, Lemieux, Yzerman, Lindros, Spezza and tons of great players of Canada played at IIHF because they dont care? You probably missed the point and stay frozen somewhere in 1960 right ? This is olympic season so best strikers are tired or still playing SC, but normally all best out-of-SC players play

  20. Vansuoko says:


    It was actually 14 Russian Olympians including the same top six forwards vs. 1 Canadian Olympian in Corey Perry.

  21. logey23 says:

    @Sliteh your forgetting that russia has 11 olympians on their roster, for a championship that nobody really cares about. which is why canada has zero olympians on it. so let russia feel good about having a stacked team in what is really a tournament that nobody seems to give a shit about. the olympics are still the best hockey tournament in the world. and usa lost to Denmark. shows how much they care about this mens WHC as well…

  22. Sliteh says:

    @logey23 Dick mouth? Wow how mature…

    I was still right, Canada and Russian ain’t going to be in the finals at the same time (because Russia is beating the shit out of Canada at the moment)..

  23. logey23 says:

    @Sliteh lol and Canada had a terrible goalie. dont forget that dick mouth

  24. deniswashere says:

    @Slippar247 russia undoubtabely is the best team in hockey, going way back into times with CCCP(Soviet Union) that was hands down is the best team in the world!

  25. Sliteh says:

    @pROTPANDA Neither did Sweden, besides, Canada had their top NHL rookies, one of them been nominated in the NHL as Rookie of the Year…

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