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Hold Your Head High Team Usa!

It's not just your game anymore Canada! Even with the United States loss to the Canadians in yesterday's overtime thriller for Gold, the match could of went either way.
In the highly anticipated game between the two countries the game exceeded it's expectations. Everyone in the two countries wanted this game and they got it! A game that no one who witnessed it will ever forget as they'll also remember where they were.
With my heart racing, stomach in a knot throughout most of the contest but when Zach Parise tied the game at two a burst of emotional joy hit as we celebrated like we scored the goals ourselves and were playing in the game.
The goal pushed the game into overtime where our joyous moment would soon turn to horror and tears as Sidney Crosby became a national hero.
No one gave Team USA a chance in this tournament and there they were in overtime playing for Gold!
Five wins and no losses up to that point in the competition as they never trailed in any of those games. Not bad for a bunch of hard working guys that were wrote off from the beginning.
Trailing for the first time in the Olympics down 2-0 in the Gold game the Americans showed heart, determination and the blue collar U.S. of A way as they battled to tie the game at two.
Just one goal short to a Country that is supposed to dominate the United States in this game. It should be like the US basketball team going against a Canadian basketball team. But it's not, and never will be again!
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