Hockey Night In Pittsburgh 2008

2008 Pittsburgh Penguins fight song featuring the voice of the legendary hockey play by play announcer Mike Lange - Soul Merchants original

17 Responses to “Hockey Night In Pittsburgh 2008”

  1. MrAybooboo says:

    Norjak71 … I’m pretty sure we beat u for a Stanley cup… Just saying

  2. 123Jorlyn says:

    Pens r awesome we have Sid the Kid

  3. pittsburghpenguins22 says:

    ur just jealous cuz u lost and detroit of to crap this year

  4. norjak71 says:

    go home to there moms? uhh pretty sure they didnt..i dont know..maybe they win so often they left fag boy crosby get one. i guys only have 1 every 16 years, they are pretty much automatic for the wings. considering they are the superior team to the baby faggot pens. :)

  5. 11Staalsy says:

    oh they do? well then why did you crying bitch ass team go home to there moms instead of partying with stanley ehh?

  6. norjak71 says:

    yer faggot pens aint gonna get the cup bitch. detroit OWNS you.

  7. GSeward says:

    I still can’t believe Ryan Malone left for friggin Tampa…whatta dumbass

  8. sidrox8787 says:

    lets go pens!!!

  9. breakershockey99 says:


  10. pieking4 says:

    He’s gonna be waiting a long time.

  11. smokey955 says:

    its great but sadly the Pens didnt get the cup but its awsome! oh did i tell you, im from Pittsburgh!! :)

  12. nintendorocks67 says:

    lets go pens- bring it home!

  13. danh1126 says:

    where can i get this song? anywhere to download

  14. pechinrules says:

    LETS GO PENS!!!!!!!—– Sir Stanley awaits!!

  15. MethodClanProduction says:


  16. MethodClanProduction says:


  17. magnifique66 says:

    bring back mike lange to fsn pitt!

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