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Hockey Best Deeks Dangles And Hits 2009-2010 (HD)

A Music Video of some of the sickest Deeks,Dangles, and Hardest Hits of the 2009-2010 NHL Season. Song Title is: Woah is me By: Down With Webster Video made by: Darth Sait Enjoy!

17 Responses to “Hockey Best Deeks Dangles And Hits 2009-2010 (HD)”

  1. CaptainFantastik1 says:

    Worst music ever.

  2. JCML619 says:


  3. AlexTheGreat1087 says:

    Nice man

  4. Stephaldinho says:

    AWESOME VID !!! :D

  5. darthsait says:

    @jjaj6 sorry to hear you didnt like it, i thought it fit pretty well :D

  6. darthsait says:

    @MrFattyfriday thanks man

  7. thomasgreendog says:

    from edmonton?

  8. MrFattyfriday says:

    sick vid man !!!!!!!!!!

  9. ThaKidLid says:

    @itskeegan Its not bad to try something different once in awhile. :P

  10. itskeegan says:

    0:24 Ovechkin using a nike bauer stick?

  11. jjaj6 says:

    shitty music

  12. TheTolink says:

    2:08 D. sedin awsopme goal from between the legs

  13. darthsait says:

    @MrMinibong thanks :D

  14. MrMinibong says:

    nice vid man keep it up

  15. ovechkin894 says:


  16. 514style says:

    1:37 PWNED!

  17. ov3chk1n14 says:

    1st ;)

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