Here We Go Again // Sidney Crosby (home made music video)

My friend loves sid, we were video taping one night to make a music video for this song. I never got around to it but the other day I started playing around with different pieces, it turned into this. I think it turned out quite funny myself let me know what you think. Song here we go again - Demi Lovato :) & tomorrow is the first offical Penguins hockey game, can't freakinn wait!! Anywhoo enjoy this semi home made video :p commnent&subscribe. you won't regret it! *NO COPYWRITE INFRINGMENT INTENDED*

13 Responses to “Here We Go Again // Sidney Crosby (home made music video)”

  1. pittpensgirls says:

    @MariahAndTheCity One Tree Hill :)

  2. MariahAndTheCity says:

    @pittpensgirls just wondering, where is that kissing scene from in the rain? thanks :)

  3. HomelessHeart22 says:

    This is Nice! I love Sid too.. where did you get the photos and videos?

  4. bkendall71 says:

    This video is great work. It all looks so real. You should somehow get him to see this… This is Really awesome.

  5. luvya300 says:

    great vid awsome but u threw away A FLEURY SHIRT HOW COULD U


  6. pittpensgirls says:

    Thats cause its you gorgeous!

  7. micale777 says:

    hahahah loooove it=]]


    awesome job guys loved it!:)

  9. hannahbanana1129 says:

    lovee it.(:
    my favrorite by farr.

  10. pittpensgirls says:

    I’m gladd you guys like it :)

  11. SpitfireFan4Life says:

    aww i loveedd ittt <33
    greatttt worrkk

  12. brittnaynay13 says:

    Awesome video!

  13. emah888 says:

    This is awesome !!! : ] I loved it great workk xD

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