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HBO Preview to 24/7 Pittsburgh Penguins VS Washington Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic

25 Responses to “HBO Preview to 24/7 Pittsburgh Penguins VS Washington Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic”

  1. 8wonderwhy says:

    haha the caps just destroyed the pens and baby crosby was so pissed off!! priceless

  2. therealCanablisS says:

    everyone is an expert here hehe ,, go caps!!

  3. wasson8 says:

    You change on the fly in lacrosse and they allow fighting so it’s not the only sport retard

  4. Crodude25 says:

    @usbzoso Just because he’s more of a man then crosby doesn’t mean he’s a douche bag

  5. Tbladez56 says:

    9:59 pause fast its the 11k helmet from nhl 11

  6. GewehrGod says:

    @bigreid66 Pit actually made it to the cup 3 years ago, and won it all 2 years ago. When did Montreal last win one? Oh yeah…

  7. magn0123 says:

    the only sport you can change on the fly…only sport that allows fighting, only sport where hitting is optional thats why hockey is amazing

  8. bigreid66 says:

    both overrated teams my Habs beat them both

  9. usbzoso says:

    if you want to see first episode on the series go to my website i uploaded it and put up a link there … GO PENS!

  10. jaltemus01 says:

    0:10 why do the capitals get scored on…. FUCK U HBO

  11. redsoxhater101 says:

    @rainekalisz Talbot’s first goal wasn’t a slap shot, and the second shot was just a wicked shot over his shoulder. They would have gotten by any goalie.

  12. Cyrus747 says:

    Crosby is such a mamas boy cry baby….

  13. thecoolstuff99 says:

    Winter Classic = Pittsburgh Penguins + some lucky team

  14. reebokboy3 says:

    haha is it me! or does max talbot’s number say #26 when he says ” i just can’t stand them ” LOLOLOL dyaaamn they better get that fixed

  15. shaftaloo11 says:

    hey usbzoso can you pleaseeeee upload the full first episode cuz i don’t have hbo THANX really wud appreciate it an dim sure others who have missed it would too!! =)

  16. rainekalisz says:

    @usbzoso too bad he scored on osgood, the worst goalie in the NHL playoffs, who else would let too shitty ass slapshots from the blueline in twice in one game. Talbot got lucky.

  17. Bethila1 says:

    @eddy1915 Wats dat?

  18. DoorsVelvetStooges says:

    Hopefully the Caps can get off their sorry asses and WIN ONE GAME before Jan. 1! I pray we are not destroyed by this Pittsburgh team that’s sweeping up everything…

  19. eddy1915 says:

    @Bethila1 not political yet ?!?! loool when the hell were u born son ? URSS vs USA or Canada mean anything to you?

  20. Bethila1 says:

    One of the only sports that isnt political yet. Please never change hockey <3

  21. LoveIsOwlYouNeed says:

    Yes, people. Debate on who is the better player between Crosby and Ovechkin. Definitely something I’ve never witnessed before.

    Best sport in the world.
    Go Pens.

  22. baconsox2010 says:

    If this is anything like Hard Knocks it will be amazing.

  23. Junttnat000 says:

    crosby is a fucking flamer!

  24. pensteel71 says:

    @aceriel420 LMAO nope but thats one state I would not consider living in…

  25. korlu01 says:


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