Grandview Elementary School -Student Signs for Stanley

At Grandview Elementary School, part of Highlands School District, we created a video for the 'Student Signs for Stanley' contest!

25 Responses to “Grandview Elementary School -Student Signs for Stanley”

  1. SuperMicklovin says:

    lol they said pens but from the thumbnail i thought it was penis

  2. dchristine33 says:

    I remember this (: I miss grandview so much, i haven’t been there in 2 years since I’m going to 7th. I love how we did the playground thing! It was complicated. lol :) this is Deanna by the way. I am pretty sure we did this when I was in 4th (:

  3. luvz2drum99 says:

    I wish I would’ve seen this two years ago. Great job!

  4. wizard101iamlvl40 says:

    i’m claire 5th grade i held the G in good luck pens!

  5. CrazySongLover says:

    this bellevue?

  6. Thelawgivah says:

    Wow i went to this school 4 years ago and they never did anything like this lol,go grandview :P

  7. DxMaster14 says:

    i went to grandview in kindergarden and in second grade in Grandview Elementary School in Monroe. lol

  8. racer123246 says:

    Dang! Grandview has roof acess! At heights (in the same district) doesn’t! We don’t even have an auditorium!

  9. raytoro77 says:

    do u go 2 highlands cuz im on teal

  10. raytoro77 says:

    who were u on the stage cuz the ppl on the stage r my friends

  11. raytoro77 says:

    i was in the G did u c the pens i didnt im in 6th

  12. Xxrawr87xX says:

    i went to grandview in 2nd grade,

  13. jasonsciubba says:

    my cosent goes to that school and he likes it there

  14. jasonsciubba says:

    i like the song

  15. FCAgemsCheerleader00 says:

    i was in the letter s in let’S

  16. legodude66 says:

    i was in the curved pat with my friends in the letter p

  17. TOSYuan3195 says:

    good job winning

  18. purplemario64 says:

    haha then ill meet you there then :P yes i go to The middle school :P

  19. raytoro77 says:

    i go 2 that school and im in 5th grade and we won the contest and 2 pens players r coming next fall but it sucks cause ill b in middle school next fall =P

  20. KLB7973 says:

    it was ok but im not a big fan of grandview


  21. astermagic says:

    Congratulations! Grandview!

  22. mommy2hbm says:

    I am very proud to be a Grandview mom!! WTG KIDS AND STAFF!!!!!.

  23. Kicookie says:

    Fantastic job Grandview Faculty and Students. This is a great video and I’m proud to be a Grandview Mom!!! To organize that many kids into such a fun, energetic & motivational experience for them is simply awesome!!!

  24. hardcore794 says:

    Bravo Grandview! You make us all proud!!

  25. kfox144 says:

    way to go grandview the staff and students did a great job out on playground

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