Gorgeous Jordan Staal.wmv

Jordan Staal, one of the most gorgeous men alive. the song is EhEh(nothing else i can say) by Lady Gaga. i do not own any rights to the song or to most of the pictures. all credit goes to the rightful owners

8 Responses to “Gorgeous Jordan Staal.wmv”

  1. flower2930 says:

    he is soooooo GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE HIM!!! and an amazing!! hockey player!! :DDD

  2. CrazyForCrosby says:

    Gorgeous ! awsome video :)

  3. bricodlak5 says:

    Cool video. And I agree with u, he is one of the most gorgeous men alive. :D

  4. CoolMiss87 says:

    Soooooo damn hot!!! Definitely the hottest Staal brother!!!

  5. chesterfield123654 says:

    Great Video! Great pictures! GREAT looking Man!!!!! :-)

  6. chesterfield123654 says:

    Loving this Video!!! Such a Hot Man!!! :-)

  7. Nixter52 says:

    I love this video, I love that song too

  8. 11Staalsy says:

    the pics of him in his care with the yellow hat on i do own!

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