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GO HABS GO. Canadiens de Montreal vs Penguins De Pittsburg

J'essaye de porter malchance a ''sid the kid'' et les Penguins... Si ça fonctionne... Je brule un chandail Jeudi soir Trying to send a ''jinx'' To Sid The Kid and the Penguins If this works i am burning a Crosby t-shirt on thursday

14 Responses to “GO HABS GO. Canadiens de Montreal vs Penguins De Pittsburg”

  1. buffetsyms says:

    We still won the series = )

  2. PortugalFootballer says:

    @yankslosewoohoo faillllllllllllllllll

  3. joyfulvulture says:


    “Enjoy watching the Pens in the ECF”

    nice prediction, nostradamus.

    you’re the typical retarded sports fan. go paint your ugly face and stop commenting.

  4. chemocool says:

    @yankslosewoohoo ECF you said ? mmmm… i don’t think so…

  5. kikiwonderbar says:

    sa sent le penguin sauté dans le beurre à l’ail

  6. djcreat27 says:

    @822tutors H AHAHA!!! FUCKER IN YOUR FACE!!

  7. 822tutors says:

    @Philzup guess wat fat frog im canadian asshole u fat french my family isnt fat like urs asshole

  8. maximegagne24 says:


  9. tash6699 says:

    ah ouaissss calisseeeee de penguinnss!!

  10. Philzup says:

    @822tutors french fat fuck hahahaha ! u americanis dumbfuck make me laught as hell. U americain are all fat pig like u and probably your mom or your dad or your sister or brother or grandmother etc. Here in europa Wveryone know that americains are the most fat contry in the world and the dumpest.Ur a part of this kid

  11. yankslosewoohoo says:

    LOL, typical, Canadian fans burning stuff, LOL!

    Enjoy watching the Pens in the ECF, please don’t burn your houses down again!

  12. 822tutors says:

    french fat fuck
    pittsburg it winning u dosh

  13. Pylraster says:


  14. petrov32 says:


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