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G4 Penguins Canadiens Clip Most of the infractions not called against the Penguins.mp4

Hockey Night in Canada show a video montage of most of the infractions that were not called against the Penguins during the game

25 Responses to “G4 Penguins Canadiens Clip Most of the infractions not called against the Penguins.mp4”

  1. alexiofilms says:

    Mike Cammalleri must have a deed for the penguins because he owns them.

  2. Warlost says:

    @Beginstheman yes sir!!!

  3. Beginstheman says:

    @Warlost The good thing at the very end of the story is that we sent these black, yellow and white wankers home.

  4. 856744 says:

    @sandler42 – Grow up you idiot.

  5. sandler42 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH GO BLACKHAWKS any fucking team than you cunt bag candiens!

  6. bjtkyo says:

    @goalieberardi inexperienced as in they haven’t had much experience calling NHL playoff games before. We all know that playoffs are called differently than the regular season.

  7. 856744 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA see ya later pittsburgh! Don’t cry! :D

  8. RickJ666ESQ says:

    Hey sandler42? Did u go crying to your mommy when the pens got eliminated?

  9. RickJ666ESQ says:

    Hey sandler42! When then pens got eliminated did u run to your mommy crying?

  10. abyssiniaboy says:


  11. Philzup says:

    @sandler42 lol grow up kid, you dont know anything about hockey.

  12. prolifer1000 says:

    i think gary bettman’s having an affair with crosby

  13. ErectionCanada says:

    GO HABS GO! bye bye Penguins!

  14. ooder1 says:

    there were so many more..
    like Crosby breaking Plekanec’s stick with a two handed slash and obviosuly getting away with it.
    oh well.. have fun on the golf course cindy… oh and grow some balls and stop whining so much

  15. 856744 says:

    We were lucky to win gold? You’re an idiot.

  16. 856744 says:

    @auggiedoggy haha

  17. nhlrock61 says:

    @sandler42 canada were not lucky when they won the gold medal, they were brilliant and talented. wait, who won tonight, oh yeah montreal. fucking ref try to fuck us but it didnt work. go habs go esti!!

  18. Magistrate88 says:

    @JonBrahh <3 I hope you were watching tonight’s awesome game. I nearly peed in my pants. Go habs go!

  19. sandler42 says:

    outplayed yet again. thank god you guys have an awesome goal tender. thats all you fucktards have.

    game 7 is on.. back to canada your ass’s go. and stay there.
    you got fucking lucky to win gold as well you fuckers

    good game, entertaining. but my doods lost, after out playing your fucking team.
    we’ll getm, hilak cant one-man team you guys to a cup.

  20. goalieberardi says:

    @bjtkyo inexperienced refs? this is the nhl. they are supposed to be the best and most profesional refs anywhere. a person does not just get to be a ref in the nhl. It is very hard and takes much experience just to get the oppurtunity to be an nhl ref. a starting ref makes $110,000 and can end up making more than $220,000 per season, more than any other ref in any other sport. idk about you but i hope the nhl isnt paying that much money to “inexperienced” refs but it certainly seems that way.

  21. Sinsemilla4u says:

    A couple are probably missed calls…I see lots of diving and embellishing though.

  22. JonBrahh says:

    habs/ canucks ftw!!!!!!!!!

  23. JonBrahh says:

    @Magistrate88 you sir, are my new best friend =D

  24. scottscottsco says:

    @OrignalRandom “Havlak”… wtf is that? ITS HALAK

  25. scottscottsco says:

    @SikhRhythm You boo the opposition to try and throw them off their mindset in the game. Make them think about the boo-birds in the arena. We boo because of that. Take it as a compliment, so why lose respect?

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