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Fleury Saves (2) (Pens-Leafs 1/20/06)

Fleury needs some credit too as he's been picking up his game since the new year began. Here's two of the more notable saves from the drubbing of the Leafs.

4 Responses to “Fleury Saves (2) (Pens-Leafs 1/20/06)”

  1. emogoalie says:

    lol i like him, but he flops around after his saves, like in the first one…and in the second he tripped, it looked cool but i doubt that that was on purpose lol

  2. furr54 says:

    unbelieveable if fleury made that save in toronto the building would have erupted and hes not even a leaf… amaricans need to show some emotion

  3. zakkblssdmf says:

    to be fair boyd fanned on the shot in the 1st save allowing fleury to react fact enough, nice save nevertheless and the 2nd one lol..he tripped and the puck hit him and stayed out but hey a saves a save! lol

  4. vampirepig13 says:

    Ah, thank you, thank you for posting this. He’s been steadily progressing since he was drafted, and this game’s saves were just so pretty.

    So were those against Boston, even though we er…Lost…

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