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FEARLESS “Mario Lemieux” Part 5

The history of the great Mario Lemieux. Player/Owner/Savior of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.

6 Responses to “FEARLESS “Mario Lemieux” Part 5”

  1. jkozar1 says:

    Mario is the reason I keep playing, he brings out the best in everybody, I really think the NHL needs to retire 66, because of the strength Mario fought his battles with, on, and off the ice, I wear 67 in the hope of coming into the ralm of play at which he sits, he exemplifies the game more than anyone

  2. gmuny2002 says:

    Remember this, OLN is now VS which is owned by Comcast, who, BTW owns the Flyers, nuff said?!

  3. insaneiaq says:

    Ya they did a pretty crappy job of that. Showing his goals from the 80’s while talking about the 94 season? Or showing Jagr in the mid 90’s while discussing the first run at the cup. Still an excellent documentary. I’d like to get this one on DVD.

  4. napajedlacek says:

    remember when I was 17 ,and Mario was diagnosed with cancer ,hwo I was devastated .I did not have enough information growing up in Czechoslovakia ,i ve though he could die..their secodn SC i was crying when they beat Chicago in game 1 ,coming from behind with Jarda Jagr tying goal and Mario winning.that was all ,that was heaven ,hockey heaven .Lemieux – Jagr – Francis – Stevens were the best offence for the years !!! GO PENS !!

  5. lightningjelly says:

    Your dream came true Mario and no one deserves it more than you!!!

  6. grimetime55 says:

    A+ for the quality of the video

    F—– on the late Outdoor Life Network for the horrendous chronology in terms of pictures and highlights of lemieux’s career

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