FEARLESS “Mario Lemieux” Part 2

The history of the great Mario Lemieux. Player/Owner/Savior of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team.

2 Responses to “FEARLESS “Mario Lemieux” Part 2”

  1. jkozar1 says:

    @TheT4xid3rmist, that gets me VERY ANGRY, half of my friends have no Idea who mario was, I saw him play for the 1st time when he came back at the age of five, even then I knew he was at another level, now I wear 67, because like mario, im always aiming to be one level above the greatest

  2. TheT4xid3rmist says:

    Some people accuse Mario of being lazy. That makes me angry. Yeah maybe he skipped practices at times because he couldn’t physically go out. Maybe he took off a couple of plays here and there but believe me, nobody worked harder than him to get back into playing shape in his return from retirement. With what he had to deal with he gave 150% out there.

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