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Evgeni Malkin – The Jokester

A side of Geno that most people don't get to see. When he was asked at a press conference during the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals about teammate Max Talbot, Malkin had this to say: "A little bit bad hands. He has lots of scoring chances and doesn't score; just empty nets. It's OK. He'll learn over the summer." =]

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin – The Jokester”

  1. hannahsandbananas says:

    haha “a little bit bad hands”

  2. kensethfan24740 says:

    @juggHERnutt yea thats billy

  3. jigsaw99 says:

    annazzer day at ze offize!!!!

  4. GrungeFreak1994 says:

    I can’t understand what he says half the time

  5. MsSupra19 says:

    He khave bad khands

  6. SkinnyRavs82 says:

    The reaction of the other two is so funny! And then Geno gets pushed by them and he just moves back and fourth! hehehe!!!

  7. sexycooljulesverne says:

    lol @ gonchar’s face @ 0:22

  8. SidneyCrosbyIsAbitch says:

    does any one else ever notice when evengi malkin talks he sounds like the termintor on crack? lmao!!

  9. bwindom785 says:

    “He has lots of scoring chances..not score” lol

  10. guitarstar21484 says:

    Talbot with the epic beard FTW!!!!

  11. Sandra872971 says:

    I am gonna miss Billy G…I think he has one more year in him…

  12. pensgirl8719 says:

    His broken english is so cute. I love him. GO PENS.

  13. skew06 says:

    hockey players are the most down to earth athletes on the planet. Probably because they have to go through total hell when they play. I wish i still played, definitely the best game on earth

  14. Illuaq2 says:

    @kszielin guerin is talking about malkin

  15. videogamefreaks101 says:

    2 person below me he says. “he plays non-stop he never quits, a liitle bit bad hands. Have scoring chances not score, except on empty net. No, I love playing with max he plays whole game not stop.”

  16. VAMMALAPSI says:

    I do not understand what he says, can someone tell me?

  17. ILOVEBoydB says:

    @pensfan9999 He’s talking about Malkin…Max speaks French not Russian…Malkin is from Russia.

  18. Supertiger101 says:

    Haha Malkin :DDD

  19. TheRussianRocket100 says:

    lol he’s probably like what the fuck is soo funny? uhh im just gonna laugh too

  20. guipia77 says:

    Just empty net! hahahahahahahah

  21. mamradhovna says:

    to je ksicht!

  22. hockey6467 says:

    @vac48 He said that Max plays with lots of emotions, but he has bad hands and misses lots of scoring chances and that he can only score empty nets.

  23. Mantiniho1 says:

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  24. FFJabarr says:

    Wow he’s got a surprising voice.

  25. vac48 says:

    What has he told about Max ? Write please

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