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Evgeni Malkin – The Hat Trick (Extended Version) 5-21-2009

Evgeni Malkin's hat trick in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin – The Hat Trick (Extended Version) 5-21-2009”

  1. shamlett15 says:

    Im a hurricanes fan but im a big fan of gino and sid

  2. ImsoUT1 says:

    I was at this game he really brought the house down

  3. HappyMealGiel says:

    “OH MY WORD!!”

  4. fk4171 says:

    2 words come in mind world class !!!!!

  5. fk4171 says:

    2 words come in mind world class !!!!

  6. bern1417 says:

    lol the geno chant starts so he’s like fuck it i’ll put my 2nd one in.fkn priceless…

  7. 74PensFan87 says:

    i love tht 3rd goal sooooo much…. its the backgroung of the NHL websites top goals

  8. Lewandowski87 says:

    Malkin my favorite Player in the NHL he is the best!!!!

  9. DjDefero says:

    that was the best backhand shot ive ever seen… send me a video if u find one thats better

  10. mrslautner2000 says:

    malkin scores yeah ! malkin is soo hot!

  11. mrslautner2000 says:

    @GreenMan8000 i hate ovechkin to! and kane

  12. ZatchPatch says:

    This is one of those goals you’ll always remember. So ridiuclous, Malkin was unreal in in the playoffs!

  13. baldcartman123 says:

    if i was at that game and would been setting the the front row i woulda took the malkin jersey off my back lit it on fire and threw it onto the ice because he was on FIRE, best player in the world when he wants to be

  14. 6969steelers says:

    @princeofthecty Im pretty sure that’s evgeni’s mom

  15. hockeyfan48 says:

    Even though I hate the Penguins, that 3rd goal was just beautiful…

    There’s nothing in any other sport quite like a Playoff Hockey Game.

  16. rolston12 says:

    I’m from minnesota and the penguins are by far my favorite team and malkin is my favorite player. Nothing beats a whiteout at mellon arena. Nasty 3rd goal Genos the fucking man

  17. PrinceOftheCty says:

    Who’s that chick at 4:04 that Evgeni’s dad chokes out?

  18. mnaicck says:

    IMO, Razor is the best color man and that fookin goal was/still/always will be amazing.
    Great call by Joe
    and RIP the great John Barbero

  19. damoose28 says:

    5:29 versus had that fact wrong of last playoff hat trick. crosby had one in the previous series.

  20. FontCELesTE101 says:

    That 3rd goal is nasty haha

  21. flower2930 says:

    omg!!! his parents r sooooooooooooooooo cute!!! ahh!! his dad is like crying he is sooo proud of geno!! :DDDD

  22. TheBlackhawkSniper says:

    That was one of the best backhand shots I have ever seen.

  23. ajb438 says:


  24. rykill11 says:

    Malkins a beast! Ovechkin is too! Crosby… well…

  25. SnapleLover says:

    @FunkyJohn1 Cause Geno can’t hardly speak english

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