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Evgeni Malkin Spectacular Hat Trick Goal vs Hurricanes [Versus Feed]

Evgeni Malkin scores a sweet no-look backhand goal to complete the hat trick and give the penguins a 6-4 lead. (Carolina Hurricanes @ Pittsburgh Penguins - May 21, 2009 - Eastern Conference Game 2) Credit to AGreatDayForHockey87 for the clip

15 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin Spectacular Hat Trick Goal vs Hurricanes [Versus Feed]”

  1. pittsburghism says:

    When I was watchin this game I had no fuckin idea we scored until I saw the replay and almost shit my pants!

  2. righthandedsniper says:

    OH MY LORD!!!!

  3. cbone72 says:

    and Malkin told i think talbot he was going to score like that.

  4. cbone72 says:

    malkin is better then ovechkin

  5. sscchhoolh8er101 says:

    The best goal by malkin in a long time

  6. jimmofosty says:

    The best player in the league.

  7. tbwrecks says:

    malkin is better than hossa

  8. tags714 says:

    that is his best goal

  9. TeamCavemanKrister says:

    rite on man GO PENS

  10. nicat36 says:

    Evgeni Malkin is one of my favorite player

  11. nicat36 says:

    that was a awsome hat trick

  12. fataleffect71 says:

    malkin, crosby and the pens are on fuckin fire.

  13. RiderPride007 says:

    Cam Ward just lost his liqour license….he doesnt know if he should cry or wind back his watch!! GO PENS!!

  14. Nascar152088 says:

    that goal was amazing! I was whatching it live!

  15. ToXiCchrist says:


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