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Evgeni Malkin slew-foots Paul Mara, Rozsival vs Gonchar | May 1st, 2008

Evgeni Malkin slewfoots Paul Mara. Mara wasen't happy about it and raced towards Malkin after the goal by Jagr. Rozsival and Gonchar drop the gloves. Round 2 / Game 4 - 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Rangers May 1st 2008

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin slew-foots Paul Mara, Rozsival vs Gonchar | May 1st, 2008”

  1. GoPensGo26 says:

    hahaha….someone doesnt like the cookie monster?

  2. ROCKETS2965 says:

    Watch the replay. After the second slew-foot you can see a third one coming right before it cuts off.

  3. acdcrocksno1 says:

    Penguins have an extra skater on the ice they should have made them pay

  4. corycb2003 says:

    @GMengr07 ya everyone does it. Just the “star” players never get caught. if you get my meaning.

  5. MalaKa911 says:


  6. GMengr07 says:

    It’s hockey…everyone does it just not everyone gets caught.

  7. 68yoruichi says:

    You don’t know? Go to Wikipedia and check. It will teach you friendly.

  8. 68yoruichi says:

    @TheOnlyDummkopf Yeah, the sore losers. If you add Cindy to the list, it could be plural like that.

  9. boyrandom72 says:

    haha malkin you sneaky bastard

  10. TheOnlyDummkopf says:

    @68yoruichi ohhh thats right, the “sore losers”

  11. TheOnlyDummkopf says:

    @68yoruichi uhhh, who won the stanley cup that year?

  12. NYRMess says:

    he did it TWICE! wow….Penguins have no class

  13. bern1417 says:

    @Sabresfan640 i suggest you watch some vids then bc ovie has a nice tendancy too be dirty.all players are dirty at times it’s in their nature to be times the heat of the moment takes gms 1 &2 mara slashed malkin a few times so i’d say this was pay back bc he’s a little pissed they for the 09 finals if you were going to suspend geno you had to suspend zetts.would you want to be the ahole that had too do that?the nhl needed ratings during the finals

  14. bern1417 says:

    the best part about it is gonchar is a black belt..for some reason you never see him fight or play all that physical.

  15. 68yoruichi says:

    What a sore loser, you Malkin.

  16. TheSuniga says:

    Best roughing ever haha mosh pit!

  17. CujoKipper says:

    lol shanahan just grabs crosby and pulls him into the scrum :P cant let anyone feel left out lol

  18. ejshu17 says:

    Thanks for proving my point. I never said he was tough. You think fighting is an essential part of a skilled game of hockey? Learn about the game of hockey, you tool.

  19. MatJohnson525 says:

    @ejshu17 it doesnt matter what he does hes a faggot either way. ive never seen him start a fight fair and sqaure and the moron pens fans think he’s the toughest guy in the world because of it.

  20. CiPonDisS says:

    sore losers

  21. Alexmbrisebois71 says:


  22. ejshu17 says:

    Because a 50-goal scorer should be expected to fight and possibly injure his hands. I really don’t get you people. Crosby fights, and he’s a baby. Crosby doesn’t fight, and he’s a pussy bitch. Choose one, or stop the stupid catch-22. I guess Gretzky and Lemieux were pussies too.

  23. 856744 says:

    @Sabresfan640 – Well said man! Those are words of truth. Screw Pittsburgh!!

  24. patwrotethis says:

    fucking slew foots. some douche bag did that to me after i top cheesed their goalie and i dislocated my hip, fucking dangerous play, fucking douche bag play

  25. bags258 says:

    @Sabresfan640 Ovi slew footed Peverley. But that was it as far as I know of.

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