Evgeni Malkin Playoff Hat Trick

Great hat trick by Malkin

7 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin Playoff Hat Trick”

  1. 87Pensfan1 says:

    Let’s go Pens!!!!!

  2. J0113 says:


    yup! Joe Beninati is the best announcer in the world! :)

  3. tubingforever says:

    don’t bother. you’re obviously retarded.

  4. MrStyxnaz says:

    wow. not even going to try…

  5. tubingforever says:

    lol no he didn’t. you need hearing aid.

  6. MrStyxnaz says:

    hey deaf guy, he said oh my word, not oh my Lord…

  7. tubingforever says:

    OH MY LORD!!!!! Evgeni Malkin!!! Spectacular for the hat trick!!!

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