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Evgeni Malkin & Petr Sykora on Inside Penguins Hockey (Q&A)


9 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin & Petr Sykora on Inside Penguins Hockey (Q&A)”

  1. yohomy94 says:

    please reupload i wanna see it real bad but it keeps freezing

  2. Paralititan says:

    Dan Potash 1:35 ‘The internet is a big deal’ haha Dan you are on youtube.

  3. wnsbug says:

    sykora is one of my favourite players
    so many overtime goals in the playoffs, they were sick

  4. xxcrosbyxx87xx says:

    haha lmao

  5. napajedlacek says:


  6. napajedlacek says:

    I like Rustu or Sejcek Peta Sykora .I ve met him for an hours in cafe in Denver downtown 2001 just after 1 st game Stanley Cup finals and he was really cool to talk with in his native tongue …really funny ,..he was there with Elias ..,but Elias was cold .I HAVE A NICE CHAT with them .

  7. xyeaboix says:

    Aw snap it does freeze at the end. Never noticed. I’ll try to reupload it at some point.

  8. APPLES28 says:

    It either froze or Geno’s English keeps getting worse

  9. cunners16301 says:

    it fucked up

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