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Evgeni Malkin NHL Video

Pittsburgh Penguins 06/07 + 07/08 Seasons

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin NHL Video”

  1. VodkaAce says:


    Paradise Lost are one of the greatest metal bands of all time, they are the original creators of the Doom metal genre.

    turn your volume down if you don’t like it. stop crying

  2. hockeykid30b says:

    malkin is no more. he is like one of the forgoten ones after a year

  3. NanoTechStone1 says:

    Женька Лучший в Хоккейном мире

  4. oOMALKiNOo says:

    Respond to this video…

  5. XxXxXxNakashasov says:

    i think malkin feels like a second line player when crosby is in the line-up…..maybe that’s why he did so good in 08-09 when crosby was injured most of the season

  6. pengiuns1 says:

    my favorite malkin video ever

  7. klapp08 says:


    lol holy shit, you’re a fuckin tool. good luck getting laid while you’re driving your mom’s volkswagen listening to the dixie chicks, you pussy

  8. themuhatmagandhi says:

    this singer has to be the worst thing I’ve heard in a long time.
    he’s not even singing in a key?
    you just ruined a video of one of the best hockey players in the world.
    I bet everytime you see something cool you think ‘ that would be so much better if I just put the worst music to it’
    how did you even find a band this terrible? ahhhhhhhh!!!! I love hockey but this song is the worst and its all I can think about! I’m think I might stop enjoying hockey because of this song.

  9. malkin71tank says:

    tht was such a sexy goal at 16 malkin is a tank

  10. KashiwaDaisuke says:

    @dano191977 Not better than Crosby.

  11. chelseafcfanisy says:

    Brodeur just got embarrassed.

  12. Denis543 says:

    man he makes some goalies look like high school goalies holy shit!

  13. Channnncey66 says:

    At 45 seconds he was probably like…i hope my mom was watching

  14. WickeddekciW says:

    Mister Universal!

  15. zaaaaak17 says:

    After Ovie then

  16. bimbim56 says:

    Evgeni Malkin the best player in the world!!!!!!!!!<3

  17. Zlatan260 says:

    this is the best nhl player video made do this kind of videos more plz :)

  18. Zlatan260 says:

    good music worlds best player what could be better now?

  19. klapp08 says:


  20. klapp08 says:

    cuz it just shows that he’s still a badass even when he gets shitrocked lol

  21. Zlatan260 says:

    he gots the softest hands in nhl hes my favorite player go pens go malkin ur my star !

  22. danyy71 says:

    @Petan71 #71 all the way!

  23. TheFifa71 says:

    He is best for me….The lovely video i like it..He is my hero….

  24. CaptainBuckRogers says:

    Amazing how he carried the Penguins on his back when Sidney missed so much time two years ago! Mario Lemieux Clone.

  25. hunterto99 says:

    Ovechkin its better scorer while you cant get puck out of malkin. also they both are good balanced players who hit hard. what more can you ask.

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