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Evgeni Malkin interview in english post game 10-18-08

Dan Potash interviews Geno after the 10-18-08 Toronto game.

10 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin interview in english post game 10-18-08”

  1. Boltman22285 says:

    i think he does say “hell yea” haha this guy is hilarious what a guy

  2. prepgirlNessa2 says:

    Haha sounds like he said ‘Hell yeah’ at the end of it after the interviewer says ‘I’m happy too.’

    Gotta love Geno, both because of his personality and because of his amazing skills :)

  3. SidneyCrosbyGirl41 says:

    He’s such a cutie, and it’s great that he’s doing stuff like this, working on his English :)

  4. SingingAngel32 says:

    he’s so adorable (=

  5. grizelda71 says:

    I do–at 16 seconds…

  6. guitarboyab5 says:

    turn your tv up

  7. malkinlover71 says:

    yayayayayay! i was waiting for someone to put this onn! yay! hahah im to stupid and dont know how to put any videos on. :p

  8. GoLeafsGoBaby says:

    He’s working on it! English is getting better!!

    Now we have to see Nikolai Kulemin to speak english lol

  9. burghdutchess says:

    At least he’s taking more interviews. I still had to watch it a couple of times to get what he said but it’s coming along. And I love that he called Fleury “flower” during the interview.

  10. burgy76 says:

    Cute, Geno!

    It’s great that he’s becoming more comfortable with his English.

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