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EVGENI MALKIN Interview at 2009 NHL AWARDS Las Vegas June 18 Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins) 'Conn Smythe Trophy' at the 2009 NHL AWARDS at the Palms in Las VegasJune 18, 2009. Interview by Amanda Vanderpool Follow us on ***Video B-Roll is available for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by website visitors is only permissible for personal use; copying, commercial use, distribution, additional use or transfer is expressly prohibited. © Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV™ /

25 Responses to “EVGENI MALKIN Interview at 2009 NHL AWARDS Las Vegas June 18”

  1. krazievi3t says:

    this guy look and talk like a ogre but he sure can play hockey

  2. kade677 says:

    @Coledebord2 lmfao.Evgeni Malkinator.

  3. vanillafrapp73 says:

    @Coledebord2 rotflmaooooooo omg!

  4. KittyM22 says:

    Ой, ну и английский!!!

  5. taylormungo says:

    coledebord2 that was funny as hell

  6. Verochka92 says:

    блин американцы вы меня кумарите, его зовут Евгений! а не “Geno”
    по напридумывали Ovi..Kovi..Geno..у них есть нормальные имена…

  7. vodkalollipop22 says:

    aw, he has the cutest accent! :P

  8. MissFox22 says:

    @Coledebord2 hahaha

  9. planbsk8er891 says:

    sounds like hes chewin somthing

  10. TheynnaJ says:

    He’s not as funny with improved English.

  11. Portis1Luv says:

    Geno is the best!

  12. xStarsKOL says:

    his accent, Lol!

  13. aboudibouzibidiba says:

    0:32 Its good time, its guay time!!!!!!!

  14. sidenycrosbyfan87 says:

    hahaha I love Geno, after the interview he like randomly walks away before she could say thank you, lol

  15. Coledebord2 says:

    he sounds like schwarzenegger. Its me, arnold malkinator. I vant ze twophy. the celebratink.

  16. PKJTNB says:

    His english has come a loooong way. I remember 3 years ago (rookie year), he had a translator next to em for most interviews.

    Semin still has one, LMAO

  17. iamsirpat says:

    hes russian, that might be normal to him.

  18. SuperTweakin says:

    Malkin looks like Shrek.

  19. Hanselthebrave says:

    way to chew gum during an interview.

  20. shyne514 says:

    English is getting a bit better!!!

  21. bandobendi87crosby says:

    Yeah seriously. Quit arguing and actually start watching the teams you support. It’s time to get off the computer and watch the hockey games!

  22. AlexOvie8jr says:

    you kids need life, buy skates and other hockey equipment and go to arena

  23. cirruskid says:

    hahahaha yes u definetely confrimed how stupid you are. You keep going off topic you dumb shit, football- basketball? pfff who gives a fuck about that shit were talking about hockey moron…..tigers jajaja what you won your first home game ine like a millions games, hahahaha fuck detroit, hockeytown my ass. The wings are your only pride and even thats coming to an end. Accept it you fuckin idiot

  24. norjak71 says:

    blah blah blah been syaing it for years. you wish you were detroit. oh hhh AND GO TIGERS TO. AND WINGS. AND PISTONS. you have nothin@!!!

  25. cirruskid says:

    You really are an idiot…..i bet your just pissed cause a young team brought it to the final AGAIN…only this time snatched the cup from your hands….AND YOU HAD THE LEAD IN THE SERIES TO HAHAHAHAHA…..signs of getting old lol

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