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Evgeni Malkin Home Ticket Delivery

Evgeni Malkin Home Ticket Delivery

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin Home Ticket Delivery”

  1. hockeyplayerU15 says:

    @lilmissykato i think they before tell them that he was coming..

  2. flashbackko says:

    hes my favorite NHL hes so cool

  3. getrymalika says:

    Need to marry you Be Naughty girls

  4. StoryBookMaker says:

    Lol I think they pick a couple people that always buy tickets for the games, but I’m not too sure

  5. michp2 says:

    i dont get it( im german)
    they never came to meeeeeeeeee why is that
    do they just choose some one right of the telefone book or did those people win the (how can i say) “special delivery”

    or what

  6. dieselblaze23 says:

    It’s great when he says “penguins tickets” it’s more like “peanguan tickits”

  7. 1996hockeygurl says:

    for a second i thought he was wearing jean capris and i was like what the heck? but hes not hahahhahah :)

  8. hbajwa96 says:

    LOL @ 0:24

  9. rockfan2345 says:

    i iwsh i live in pittsburgh instead of cleveland T.T

  10. Lola6041 says:

    he’s so tall!

  11. lilmissykato says:

    @hanmerboys that sids the tops in the NHL and the pens are better than your maple leafey squad.

  12. joshman783 says:

    Yea. That’s why Malkin looks like the sloth from Ice Age

  13. hanmerboys says:

    @lilmissykato dude how the fuck am i jelouse?

  14. lilmissykato says:

    @hanmerboys i know kid, youre jealous… its okay to be jealous.

  15. hanmerboys says:

    @lilmissykato lol i just don’t like crosby the pens suck balls but fuck crosby

  16. lilmissykato says:

    @hanmerboys wow way to 1) not be a pens fan and 2) not support the person responsible for the Canadian gold medal.

  17. hanmerboys says:

    @lilmissykato id do the same with sundin but if it where crosby id tell him to get the fuck off my lond

  18. CMEPTb187 says:

    retard family first one

  19. TemaNIKRO says:

    second house, lady is like fuckign so retirded. fuck..

  20. SuperFreshLettuce says:

    i love how malkin is like afraid after touching the door bell

  21. wizard473 says:

    omg those people didnt really seem excited if geno cam to my door wit sesone tickets i would jump up and down screaming get him to sign my shirt get a couple pics say bye and have a good seson and somewhere in the process call my mom and say mom genos at our hhouse!!!

  22. Wodey25 says:

    The first guy, the dad, had Evgeni sign everything in the entire world so he could sell it on eBay.

  23. crazyperson3245 says:

    oh well at least hes not like alexander semin who cant speak english

  24. crazyperson3245 says:

    ok nvm i thought the sound coming from the dog was the guy making those sounds

  25. CharltonOne95 says:

    im sorry but that first house…. those people didnt seem like hockey fans haha

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