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Evgeni Malkin – Hits & Fights

Evgeni Malkin #71, Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL Music by Paradise Lost - World Pretending

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin – Hits & Fights”

  1. MyOwnGuitarHero says:

    Малкин – Русские легенды <3<3<3

  2. boobooinmybrain says:

    malkin is like a russian bull he just rams shit like crazy

  3. IalexxaI says:

    I think Malkin should be captain over crosby.

  4. lilwayneshowtime says:

    mostly pictures :(

  5. iplowmidgets87 says:

    that pic at 0:08 is epic

  6. 666sexymexicanboy666 says:

    @slipknot5301 you fuckin gay hockey coward

  7. kras45 says:

    That’s only because they’re drunk canucks

  8. Desolation007 says:

    Everyone can say all the bad things they want about Sidney, and Malkin, but the pair rip. And sorry pittsburg, but Ottawa would kill ya’s in a brawl.

  9. fulforddude says:

    crazy russian mofo, you are my hero!

  10. iplowmidgets87 says:

    he is alot like ovechkin, he hits and he is a very good goal scorer

  11. stevieray351 says:

    he’s huge but doesnt use his size nearly enough, he needs to toughen up, Ovechkin absolutely ruins people maybe malkin needs to take a tip from ovy and get tougher

  12. apenguin8mike says:

    i dont like this video………..i love it malkins my fav player and hes on tuff S.O.B that dont take no $h1t but can have fun love this vid

  13. stevieray351 says:

    @Denis543 malkin= good player ovechkin= better in all facets of the game

  14. stevieray351 says:

    i dont see a real hit or fight at all in this video, maybe a few collisions but watch an Ovechkin hit video, there you will see Real hits

  15. Denis543 says:

    malkin = the man hands down

  16. wildcatraceing says:

    malkin is a fag lol

  17. bongosaj says:

    to be honest it made almost laugh when i saw a title…yes, he is a perfect offensive player, got a sick pair of hands, can score, skate fast…but cmon, he cant fight and most of these hits were dirty (he has his hands up or the one from behind on Phillips)

  18. Hank17Moody says:

    Malkin is awesome! How could he put Ovechkin down!? This is fantastic)))

  19. seandog619 says:

    you made a 4 and a half minute video called Hits and Fights with 4 clean hits and zero fights….The only hit that would impress me is if he actually caught Phillips instead of boarding him

  20. StillersFan33 says:

    @dogsheldon troll

  21. dogsheldon says:

    ovechkin is better

  22. EvgeniMalkinN71 says:


    Paradise Lost – World Pretending

  23. MissEliCrystal says:

    really nice vid!! tell me please the name of the song????????

  24. Johnyguro says:

    @AcuraTFJ Did you see his fight in the preseason against Rick Nash or are you purposely disregarding it? Also Talbot, Cooke, and Rupp are grinders, not goons. Eric Goddard is a goon. Georges Laraque is a goon.

  25. gussinajninen says:

    what’s the song again? I have it but can’t find it ><

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