Evgeni Malkin (HD)

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25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin (HD)”

  1. WhiteSniperKazan says:

    Это наш Женя, а вы сосите пендосы.

  2. flipe125 says:

    @mx9072 lol, no

  3. mx9072 says:

    he is so underrated

  4. Findog71 says:

    I wanna see this Malkin today VS. Caps

  5. TheAznpersuasion91 says:

    @thecorrupters hotty? he looks a damn ogre

  6. TheNewfiesniper says:

    @thecorrupters was that sarcasm malkins a sick hockey player but his face looks like it was hit by a train …..

  7. AreWeTheChampions says:

    i live in denmark so i cant go to a nhl game.. its sucks fucking much..

  8. BPAB12 says:

    GO GENO!!!!

  9. Hank17Moody says:

    Good vid and music is fine!
    Nowadays Malkin is the Greatest!!

  10. harmansandhu7100 says:

    Hey jlax you probably have the best player montages on youtube from my view :) good job man

  11. Findog71 says:

    Malkin better than Ovie and Sid :D

  12. Kessel4TheWin says:

    @pwalters96 YES.

  13. alotlikevegas06 says:

    You should do one of Mike Richards.

  14. ox387 says:

    @apdanglez boooooooo!!

  15. ox387 says:

    great vid malkin is my favorite . best player in the woooorrrrldddd!!!!

  16. GongShowHockey24 says:

    make one about pronger or iginla next

  17. guipia77 says:

    that is ur best job!!

  18. pwalters96 says:

    hes better than crosby

  19. druwman885 says:

    @OvieCanucksFan true but think about it if crosby game to malkins team it would be different if we was on any team besides pens or caps he would be a huge star its the same thing with zetterberg, david bolland people like that

  20. psychostatic1 says:

    @apdanglez that would explain how the hawx won the cup this year and detroit didnt even make it deep into the playoffs

  21. USAhockeyandLAX03 says:

    @jlaxhockey cammaleri, zetterburg, richards and briere need videos up. jusst sayin

  22. memorialspartan17 says:

    ugliest man in the nhl

  23. apdanglez says:

    @psychostatic1 they both suck GO DETROIT!!!

  24. WFR says:


    What good would that do?

  25. Hurley474 says:

    @WFR if anyone was wondering they could just watch the video it’s at the very begining of it.

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