Evgeni Malkin Goal #29 (Pens-Capitals 2/18/07)

Malkin beams one into the net against Caps goalie Brent Johnson.

12 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin Goal #29 (Pens-Capitals 2/18/07)”

  1. MrPensfan71 says:

    yea and malkin lead the penguins to the cup final

  2. RobLed says:

    fleury won that game 7 – fleury and mad max talbot

  3. titozgood95 says:


  4. bpsoccer5379 says:

    i was at that game, 5 stars

  5. sharksfan16 says:

    weird to say though i gotta say my favorite nhl goalie has gotta be Johnson, hes turning himself around for the Caps and did well when Olie was out

  6. matiman91 says:


  7. EatShitOilersFans says:

    thats like the roberto carlos goal in soccer. impossible, that was really sick. 5 stars

  8. dekhockeyguy703485 says:

    i was at that game right there lets go pens

  9. superstar87 says:

    that was sick

  10. hbkrulez1 says:


  11. nickschimizzi says:

    Shades of Mario … part 2.

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