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Evgeni Malkin fights Henrik Zetterberg, Talbot Spears Osgood

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25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin fights Henrik Zetterberg, Talbot Spears Osgood”

  1. ben3837 says:

    @Number1CarlosLover you are a fag

  2. corance17 says:

    thanks champ.

  3. corance17 says:

    still alive. dick and all.

  4. maymunaxxx says:

    @coolkid670 how many cup rings does he have? your sure one to talk with the biggest divers and whiners on ur team. u are such an epic failure

  5. Fleury292929 says:

    @corance17 Gratz on watching foxnews, thus proving your IQ is below 85.

  6. WillHapgood2 says:

    @Number1CarlosLover 3rd man in? Can’t fight on your own?

  7. Boondocksaint2024 says:

    @corance17 You’re a fucking heartless faggot. That has nothing to do with hockey. You’re really going to bring a tragedy like that into this? I hope you get shot in the dick.

  8. metalheadjake11 says:

    it was a cheap shot but malkin would of destroyed him.

  9. Valladinator says:

    @HALOGLITCHES43 haha look again we beat you in ’08 before you beat us…… fag

  10. corance17 says:

    hahaha dude just saw on FOXNEWS…a guy walked into a detroit police station and killed 4 police officers…u guys sure do fight 4 eachother!! congrats detroit keep it classy.

  11. HALOGLITCHES43 says:

    @Number1CarlosLover shut up fag the wings suck dick your just mad that we beat u in the cup in 09′

  12. TheKennyMcCormickLvr says:

    @Dagoopoop what the fuck is a pansy??? dude WORST insult ever! i looked it up and its like some purple flower!!!! LMFAO u suck at this haters thing dont u?

  13. TheKennyMcCormickLvr says:

    @Number1CarlosLover dude, did u see how those pussy`s went 2 on 1 aggenst zetterberg!?!?! and he still kicked ass!!! lmfao!!!!

  14. Dagoopoop says:

    Got to love pen’s haters. People just hate the pens cause they are sooo much better than any team in the NHL… Pansy’s. All of you.

  15. Dagoopoop says:

    @cookad15 HAHAAHA He did not win!

  16. amy3tears says:

    And that would be why Zetterberg is one of my all time favorite players.
    1:12 is funny though cause Filppula looks like he’s trying to figure out where to go or what to do xD

  17. Hawaiimichigan says:

    I think Malkin was thinking something like this…..ok let’s hit him in the back of the head. Ok how let me team mate help me out……o shit did I just get my ass kick? Man I hope no one saw that

  18. slofquist says:

    @dsulli8 &&& your game winning goal was on a icing call. the whole nhl was rooting for the pens & they defiantly helped them out too. detroit is a wayyy better team & we have class unlike the cry baby pens. i also wouldnt brag about having cindy or malkin on ur team, there both bitches. this proves proves it.

  19. Jujufucka says:

    @9thward13 Malkin came from behind and threw his gloves down and king hit Zetterberg. That’s what a pussy does. And what happened to Talbot, did he man up? Nah the poke at a goaltender is all he can muster.

    Zetterberg was being held by a referee and could not even get the chance to free his arms to drop his gloves. He skated off to the right to give himself some room. Then he beat the paste out of Malkin. See Geno wincing as he skates off? Priceless.

  20. alephchamp1 says:

    @ cooked hells yes! Go wings

  21. cookad15 says:

    @dsulli8 We won first you fuckin idiot ahaha btw Wings are better, sick tho man.

  22. cookad15 says:

    2 on 1 against Zetterberg. And he wins. Damn fuckin right.

  23. TheKennyMcCormickLvr says:

    @dsulli8 go fuck ur self! U no ur frickin team winning was a fluke! None of the rules ever apply for the pens! Number1CarlosLover is toataly rite!

  24. dsulli8 says:

    @Number1CarlosLover yea ok malkin is better than ur whole team and then some and weve got crosby too tell me who won this series again?!?!

  25. abbydj10 says:

    Malkin is an idiot… straight up, sure he looks tough, but chasing a player who clearly doesn’t want to fight, and swinging your arms around like an orangutang just shows zero class.

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