Evgeni Malkin career highlights (first 3 seasons)

I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC IN THE VIDEO Evgeni malkin is a 6'3 195lb Hockey Superstar. He is one of the greatest players of all time and THE best currently on the planet.

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  1. flipe125 says:


  2. baldcartman123 says:

    @thatsalotofnuts11 I couldn’t find it when I was making the video sorry sure belongs.

  3. thatsalotofnuts11 says:


  4. ruff3651 says:

    @bshepss44 disagree, Lemieux and Jagr was could have taught a PhD course in Badassery.

  5. bshepss44 says:

    crosby and malkin are the best fuckin tandem ever!!

  6. killakadafi77 says:

    @napoleon2893 of courese Geno is better

  7. baldcartman123 says:

    @killakadafi77 This video was made before the playoffs started

  8. killakadafi77 says:

    you missed last year conference final hattrick goal against cam ward, that one should have been #1

  9. MadRuddersTV says:

    malkin iz awesome i saw him play

  10. GenoJr71 says:

    Malkin is the best player in the world!!!!

  11. Findog71 says:

    Malkin and Crosby!!!

  12. dbone024 says:

    Gawd I love watching Geno punk Ovechkin’s ass over and over. 4:12

  13. Jayxbird521 says:

    Maybe when it comes to scoring but malkin is better all around in my opinion which would you rather have.

  14. SamsungChung01 says:

    MALKIN is a beast!!!! MVP MVP MVP!

  15. elight91 says:

    Nice video, Malkin is really good!

  16. elight91 says:

    Lol Crosby cried his way to Stanley Cup, Malkin is way better!

  17. scottak1712 says:

    By the way, thanks for making this video! Keep up the great work!

  18. scottak1712 says:

    I Iove Malkin, but I have to say that I think that Crosby is better

  19. Sinco1967 says:

    Incredible vid nice job

  20. napoleon2893 says:

    can we say better than ovechkin?

  21. hockeymp says:

    Malkin is nice but Crosby still better ! I love penguins but i am an habs fan lol ! Go habs Go , Go Pens Go !

  22. nomineman2 says:

    nice video!

  23. xXSiCkSoLjAXx says:

    Way to much advertising. lay off the subscribe and rate stuff but good vid

  24. ChiefReeves says:

    Malkin best current player nice video good song lets go pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. katelynxoxo412 says:

    best in the nhl

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