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Evgeni Malkin 2009/2010 Highlights

Goals from 2009/2010 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin 2009/2010 Highlights”

  1. Ivanchojr1998 says:

    malkin n crosby r like the sedins!

  2. 001MeTaBoLiC100 says:

    Hell yeah Gino with the hat-trick finally he is getting back on track.

  3. TheeUrbanGentleman says:

    @apdanglez I wear contacts. Nice try, kid.

  4. apdanglez says:

    @TheeUrbanGentleman kid you must need reading glasses

  5. TheeUrbanGentleman says:

    @apdanglez I’m stupid? Read over your comments.

  6. apdanglez says:

    @TheeUrbanGentleman ha you are officially stupid get off the two gay boys dicks but then again your gay so it makes sense

  7. TheeUrbanGentleman says:

    @apdanglez Yeah keep dreaming. He gots nothing on 87 and 71.

  8. apdanglez says:

    @TheeUrbanGentleman wow you kno nothing datsyuk can put up the points they do and wait who has won the best defensive foward the past 4 years o wait thats datsyuk get real bum datsyuk is the best 2 way player in the game

  9. TheeUrbanGentleman says:

    @apdanglez Datsyuk has nothing on Malkin and Crosby. They have a better all around game than pavel, Get real buddy.

  10. apdanglez says:

    @TheeUrbanGentleman there all poster boys who people need to get off there dicks datsyuk is better than all of them. so is stamkos

  11. TheeUrbanGentleman says:

    Hes nothing like Crosby or Ovechkin. Hes fucking Evgeni Malkin.

  12. YouRGHostiSAGiFT13 says:

    @EvgeniMalkin71RUS absolutely; barring injury, he’ll be that good again.

  13. EvgeniMalkin71RUS says:

    great vid, 2008-2009 was much better season for him

  14. tipellachica80 says:

    Nice vid

  15. tipellachica80 says:

    Nice vid

  16. ZatchPatch says:

    since i dont live in pitt anymore i was lucky enough to be at that canes-pens game at home and when he scored i flipped shit. knowing it was gonna be my last game attended at the mellon it made me sad they lost in OT from some scrub who got his 1st goal of the season. :/

  17. peterjames314 says:

    awesome video

  18. hockeymartin30 says:

    he are best in the world after me ! ^^

  19. Sinco1967 says:

    I think Malkin will bounce back next season and finish 5th in scoring.

  20. Jevgen82 says:

    Почему они так не играют на ЧМ и на Алим-ах?

  21. TheSteelLegendary says:

    :30 wicked slapshot

  22. VodkaAce says:

    He kinda had a slow year this season. Had some injury problems, missed some games and really just never found his groove like last year.
    He looks to be turning it on though this playoff season!!

  23. noerbie07 says:

    Kick ass video…Malkin is sick!

  24. EvgeniMalkinN71 says:

    Red – Death of me

  25. hosssssa says:

    The name of song???

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