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Evgeni Malkin: 2009 Conn Smythe Trophy Winner

Check out Evgeni Malkin's postseason performance that led to him winning the 2009 Conn Smythe Trophy.

25 Responses to “Evgeni Malkin: 2009 Conn Smythe Trophy Winner”

  1. Denis543 says:


  2. nightmareviper16 says:


  3. VideoMASTER160 says:

    best plya ever

  4. KingOfTheIce71 says:

    @DANGLEthenSNIP3 Are you shitting ?

  5. iYoshi3G says:

    @pandala420 now we only need ovechkin :D

  6. robmatliv says:

    The no-look backhander on Ward for the hat trick was one of the sickest goals EVER!

  7. benny6666 says:

    @pandala420 but you got to agree that if that have win the stanley cup that years is by farr cause of Malkin

  8. DANGLEthenSNIP3 says:

    malkin is with easton now

  9. AirRaider56 says:

    @pandala420 neither.. ovechkin :)

  10. stackzbaby716 says:

    wat his nickname

  11. Ovechkin8Malkin71 says:

    U rock Evgeni!

  12. Ovechkin8Malkin71 says:

    U rock Evgeni!

  13. Portis1Luv says:

    Geno for president!

  14. Livie51 says:

    damn kid, you’ve got game! i love you, geno! <3

  15. Livie51 says:

    damn kid, you’ve got game! <3

  16. DouglasMikelas says:

    I watched every playoff game that year, what an amazing show Geno put on.

  17. xST3V0x says:

    @pandala420 Definately

  18. 20003606 says:

    woulda been osgoods if it werent for gonchars amazing preformance in games 3 and 4.

  19. eightlines14 says:


  20. BuzzsawtheHedgehog says:

    MVP!!! MVP!!! You rock, Geno!!

  21. pandala420 says:

    as a pens fan, i’m not too concerned on who is better between crosby or malkin…i’m just glad we’ve got them both :-)

  22. pandala420 says:

    the way malkin played in the playoffs really made me believe that he is probably the best overall player in the nhl today.

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  24. Skliccko says:

    nice video mate, Geno deserves it

  25. Lunkan1996 says:

    Evgeni Malkin!!!!!!!!!!!!

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