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evgeni malkin

malkin's first camp. cool.

25 Responses to “evgeni malkin”

  1. horseyluver4ever says:

    hahaha malkin! :)

  2. myalleykiss says:

    he would’ve turned around just to notice me licking the glass.. god hes so sexy

  3. jessbren123 says:

    luckiest person ever.
    i would have jumped over the glass and proposed

  4. malkinlover71 says:

    hahah i agree with that 100%.
    i’d be like geno look at your future wife!

  5. EvgeniMalkinIsMyHero says:

    Id have been wailing on the glass yelling in russian
    Эй Малкин! Посмотрите сюда, здравствуй, я хочу один автограф! Улыбка на камеру!
    ( thats russian for Hey Malkin!! Look over here, hello, I want an autograph! Smile at the camera!)

  6. yipster7rocks says:

    Rofl, I hear someone saying “turn your head…” I would have probably had my face plastered against the glass and been all, “OMFG MALKINNNNN LOOK AT MEEEEE!”

  7. malkinlove says:

    Haha, lucky u =O

  8. malkincrosbystaal781 says:

    hooooly crap, you are SO lucky

    id probably be banging on the glass, asking for an autograph

  9. phaneuffan73 says:

    ya point the camera at staal next time!!!

  10. elxpinguino says:

    whoa who told you??

  11. matiman91 says:

    Malkin thinks:”Shit got some creepy kid behind me someone lure him out of the arena for a free pic of me and then punch his lights out!”^^

  12. Solety says:

    haha he probably had that creepy/erie feeling he was being watched

  13. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    hell yeah

  14. iluvsidcrosby says:

    that is so awesome!!!! i luv the pens. i’ve been to a few of their games and i haven’t missed one this season or inside penguins hockey. i think sidney is the hottest and then jordan and geno are tied for second. me and my friends are totally obbsessed.

  15. crazy4u630 says:

    The whole team for president?? Haha, I like your comment!

  16. kraufvelin says:

    pens for president!!auuuu

  17. elxpinguino says:

    you too, eh?

  18. Shichiroji88 says:

    malkin crosby and staal are so fucking amazing my brain cant comprehend it

  19. InzaghiLvr says:

    aww your lucky! Malkin is so cute.. the reason he didn’t move his head is probably cause he was concentrating!

  20. NCXC says:

    or maybe it was because he was :)

  21. hilaryduffisthebest says:

    Maybe the reason why he didn’t turn his head was because he doesn’t speak english.

  22. elxpinguino says:

    i have videos of them too, but seeing that this was the first time malkin was in pittsburgh and open for the public to see, i was way too excited to film anyone but him lol. but i have plenty videos of them too, trust me

  23. THEGREATONE420 says:

    you need to point the camera at staal and crosby.

  24. hilaryduffisthebest says:

    turn your f—-n head!

  25. acapiscool says:


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