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Eric Tangradi Pittsburgh Penguins Prospect Highlights - become a fan

22 Responses to “Eric Tangradi Pittsburgh Penguins Prospect Highlights”

  1. blonddirtbikegirl says:

    What is all this next year talk…I say take that prissy bitch Comrie out and put Tangradi in and Asham doesn’t help the team either so take some of those guys out and Tangradi in and u have a soild team esp. once Staal gets back in…Crosby Staal Tangradi Malkin…thts a team right there :) and plus Tangradi and Staal are hot haha :P I say TANGRADI LETANG IN WINTER CLASSIC

  2. PJProductions2721 says:

    @PittsburghCRAZY1087 He got sent down to AHL most recently

  3. CheechChongHerb24 says:

    Such a good North-South power forward I hope the signing of Comrie AKA Mr. Duff doesn’t fuck his roster spot chances I know he doesn’t have much major experience but I think he’s ready. I’m 99.9% in favor of Tangradi being on the roster come October

  4. frontendloader47 says:

    now lets c him in his 1st NHL season

  5. moss5563 says:

    Great video. Tangradi first line rw with Crosby next year

  6. R3DWINGS14 says:

    im a wings fan and before everyone says fuck you we won let me just say i hope tangradis great on your team i played with him when i was younger and I hope he does amazing in the nhl

  7. Steelcityassault1 says:

    @PittsburghCRAZY1087 It did at first but he’s back at full strength and playing well on WBS’ 3rd line. I’d say one more full AHL year on the top line and he’ll be ready.

  8. PittsburghCRAZY1087 says:

    Im a huge pens fan and Im really excited to see him in the NHL. has his wrist injury/ surgery slowed him down at all?

  9. pens4life71 says:

    i dont think tangradi will be like francis but its a good point. go pens!

  10. char2488 says:

    true, he’s a soft defensemen considering his 6’4 frame that could be used much more effectively and is prone to terrible mistakes in his own zone.

    but effectively, we really screwed the Ducks on this deal, and I think given more time, this deal will be akin to the trade the Pens made with the Hartford Whalers to get Ronny Franchise. Tangradi will be one hell of a power forward, Kunitz will continue being a top 6 complimentary winger for Sid and Geno. The main point is: Let’s Go Pens.

  11. pens4life71 says:

    Whitney sucks dick though. never hear his name anymore. puck moving defencemen my ass

  12. char2488 says:

    Let me put it to you this way, don’t complain, we definitely got the better end of the deal. Goligoski is doing what Whits was supposed to, except now we got two quality wingers too.

  13. pens4life71 says:

    why would the ducks give up him and kunitz for a worthless ryan whitney. whitney sucks cant play defense for shit. and last time i checked defensemen are supposed to play defense

  14. shaun8766 says:

    in the first exhibition game of 2009 he played on crosbys wing nd he eded up setting up both of crosbys goals

  15. sullivan0099 says:

    he would be a great person to have up with Talbot out. get him a chance to get his feet wet and someone to protect Geno. give him another year or two and he will be a beast in the NHL

  16. fahqmofolol says:

    He’s the Kevin Stevens of this Generation by the looks of it should fit in nicely with The young Pens ( Even uses #25 ) should be a fun season!!!!!

  17. dangletits19 says:

    supposed to play on the same line as geno this this year

  18. poopyloopster says:

    Man he looks big and strong and realy good around the net….great shot as well

  19. rocky3083 says:

    God I can’t wait to see him in a Penguins Jersey!

  20. RoyalC61 says:

    my hockey team practiced with him i swear to god

  21. MrPkvideos says:


  22. 9CARRIE7 says:

    hes amazing!

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