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Energy Performing It’s a Great Day for Hockey

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25 Responses to “Energy Performing It’s a Great Day for Hockey”

  1. mcgreald says:


  2. ratjam103 says:

    The guy on the far right playing bass is my uncle, i’ve been on stage when he was with the band in the early to mid nineties, at seven springs, he played the fiddle with me on his shoulders! it was amazing.

  3. braichle says:

    Hey, that my sisters husbands band.
    I have that song on my iPod.
    I might be able to email it to you if you still want it.

  4. WalkerKansasRanger says:

    God this brings back memories. The guy that ran a camp I went to would play this every morning while we warmed up. Pretty much became the theme song for our camp.

  5. chrisbog71 says:

    Unfortunately. I’m not sure you can get it anymore. Sorry!

  6. mattman1809 says:

    Does anyone know where to buy or download this song?

  7. 29pens48fan25hockey says:

    any song dedicated to the pens has to be awesome (:
    very nice.

  8. sidcrosby2787 says:

    really?….. is this serious?

  9. yourmomisthebest says:

    You were part of this? One word: awesome!

    Any thought of doing an updated version?

  10. yourmomisthebest says:

    you sir are an idiot. Sorry that it’s not fucking Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, or L’il Wayne covering it.

    This video = full of total win!

  11. Gallman58 says:

    Love the Song, update it for the current Pens

  12. PwnageDirector says:

    it is always a great day for hockey

  13. hoopskay86 says:

    and my mom and i know the band.

    their drummer had tickets for the playoffs for like 3 games…so they are fans.

  14. hoopskay86 says:

    yeh i wouldnt say this is an embarrassment to penguin fans.

    most people from pittsburgh are polish…have you seen the pierogie race at pnc park?

    polkas are also polish this isn’t an embarrassment?

    also for those of you who like this…check out the steelers polka!

  15. StillsonWrench says:

    It IS a great day for hockey. And all polka.

  16. emmtampa says:

    You are 100% correct, Chris. Tom Egan shows what a fucking idiot he is. He probably is some unemployed loser that lives with his father and spends 99% of his time in the garage on his computer.

  17. chrisbog71 says:

    Actually you are completely wrong. We recorded this video for the Penguins and all the proceeds went to Bob Johnston’s Charity after he died. Wherever we performed in the country, people specifically requested it. Therefore, people bought the song thru out the country and the proceeds benefited Bob.

    In addition, it was also featured on the 1992 Year in Review of the Penguins tape that the NHL put out.

  18. egantomr says:

    This video is an embarrassment to any TRUE Pens fan…. I bet these old farts have absolutely no idea who Mario Lemieux even is.

  19. chrisbog71 says:

    I posted it last year because of the Stanley Cup Run….

  20. krazzeeaj says:

    I heard this on Mikey and Big Bob this morning… Let’s Go Pens!!!!

  21. roleDemBones says:

    must have MP3

  22. heisler21 says:

    This is unbelievable. Is their anyway of getting this as an mp3 ?

  23. phendric66 says:

    Let’s Go Pens!

  24. DrBoni7 says:

    Are you kidding me? I have been looking for this song for 15 years.

  25. chrisbog71 says:

    Yes, Alot of people were asking, these were the members of Energy from 91-92. They were:

    Trumpet: Mike Marra
    Trumpet: Bernie Koslosky
    Accordion: Randy Koslosky
    Accordion and Concertina: Chris Bogdon
    Bass and Fiddle: Joe Baranowski
    Drums: Ed Kaczmarczyk

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