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Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Game 1 5/24/08 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Detroit Red Wings 4 vs Pittsburgh Penguins 0 Full Game Highlights See more quality vids @

25 Responses to “Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Game 1 5/24/08”

  1. beefcakes42 says:

    lol im a hawks fan and i have to say i dont realy hate any nhl team except the penguins, theyr like the biggest cult of bandwagon bitches in the league…now i know the hawks have their share of bandwagoners but thats cause the home games wernt televized until the 07-8 season..but the pens are just a discrace, theyr like a turd that wont flush. and crosby, holy shit, crosby whines more than a legless ethiopian watching a dohnut roll down a hill, hes just with that said, GO HAWKS!!!

  2. burton0121 says:

    crosby u suck. ur the most overrated player ever. ur terrible. wings r the bestttttt

  3. Gorevet says:

    fuck this biased announcer

  4. penssuck87blows says:

    he does his job you bumb.

  5. 1chrisy says:

    hey can someone do me a favour can you put the full finale game on youtube so i can put it on my ipod please

  6. hockeycrewman says:

    penguins are dirty

  7. Ronarks says:

    Penguins fans must be happy, they got their revenge, and in the wings house.

  8. GlitchesForCOD5 says:


  9. art11art12 says:

    fucking Holmstrom is ALWAYS in the goalies face it’s so annoying I wish someone would hurt him.

  10. nirav933 says:

    what happend to martin flury there

  11. Dardani08 says:




  12. Brexdon says:

    He does not complain about the opposing team unless there was some insane missed call or unless his team played bad. I’ve watched every single press conference Mike Babcock has been in so far this year.

    If you want complaining, see: Michel Therrien

  13. steelers724309 says:

    whhhhaaaaaattttttttt????? he complains constantly!! “sid gets too much attention” “why are we not getting enough power plays?” “my vagina is stinky” his face is permanently cringed from complaining so much dude, open your eyes

  14. SimpleStar98 says:

    pens may suck and may lose
    but i love them! and red wings are cool too

  15. Brexdon says:

    Mike Babcock does not complain. If he complains, its about his own team and how bad they play.

  16. PHRASK55 says:

    loser? but he’ll be a prominent goalie later on. Penguins were obviously gonna lose kuz they were a younger team facing an older experienced team. And holmstrom, if he gets any more in fluerys face he could kiss him. mike babcock, shut the fuck up and your complaining. thats why you win, you complain a little to much bitch.

  17. kingtobias123456 says:


  18. clubpenguinned says:

    detroit all the way

  19. LinkedMooMan117117 says:

    it looks like after that 3rd point the pens just gave up

  20. blackmagichomerun says:

    i remember crosby saying he was gonna get dats back…. did that happen? no? cuz hes a puss and the only player who i was scared of during the cup was hossa… look where he is now

  21. blackmagichomerun says:

    red wings suck… eh?

    hossa= turns down over 50 million dollars to play for the wings….. for just over a million…. hmm

  22. PEEPEETINGLE says:

    I was done with this conversation three months ago, and I’m not about to argue with an idiot who doesn’t understand the game.

  23. hellblade99 says:

    Well of course crosby puts up points. The entire team carries him around and , most of the time, he can’t score without it coming from a good setup. Accept it.

  24. breakershockey99 says:

    we lost red wings suck GO PENS

  25. Raymondbeacon1 says:

    lmfao Fleruy busted his ass the guy behind him wuz like, ummm Fleury wtf is wrong wit u lmao

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