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Detroit Red Wings Playoff Tickets ? Game 6 Versus the Pittsburgh Penguins


After their recent loss, the Wings need all their fans to buy Detroit Red Wings playoff tickets and cheer their team away from home. The Wings know they let one slip away. They were but moments from winning the Stanley Cup before the Penguins drew even late in the game. The Red Wings may have started celebrating a little early, and for that reason they find themselves making the flight back to Pittsburgh one last time. The Wings have proven they can win in Pittsburgh, but they may have given the Penguins just a bit too much life in the series. The Pens certainly earned their final home game of the season, playing into triple OT in Detroit before finally gutting out a well-deserved win with their backs against the wall. If the Pens can just win one more game at home, then they can go back to Detroit for game seven. Will the Penguins win at home and force a pivotal game seven? Or will the Red Wings win the cup on the road? You’ll have to get your Detroit Red Wings playoff tickets to find out.


The Red Wings know they let the Stanley Cup slip from their grasp. They were on the verge of true greatness, and they allowed themselves to become complacent at exactly the wrong time. What’s worse, a mental lapse by Chris Osgood really hurt them and may have cost them the game. Now, the Red Wings must return to Pittsburgh one more time with big questions. After just having played such a grueling match-up, the older team must know that their opponents have every advantage. So what do the Red Wings do? Do they play their hearts out in Pittsburgh, playing every single minute as if their lives depend on it in an effort to finish this marathon for the championship? Or do they take the night off, give the Pens a win, and travel back to Joe Louis Arena refreshed and ready to take the Stanley Cup? Can they take the chance? Would another win only energize the Penguins? Game six if full of questions for the Red Wings.


The Penguins, for all their youth, played like champions in game five. With their backs to the wall, the young Pens played their hearts out and left it all on that Detroit ice. They not only battled against the Red Wings, but they battled adversity, a ruthless crowd and their own inexperience in this game. The Wings got out to an early lead, but the Penguins would not allow themselves to give up, and they battled all the way back. Every time the crowd tried to get them out of the game, the Pens steeled their reserve and came back more focused. And just when it seemed that this young team was going to come up a bit short, they found the magic they needed. In overtime, they simply outlasted the older Detroit team. They played another 35+ minutes of hockey before a winner was decided. With that kind of bump in confidence, game six should be the Penguins to lose.


What are you waiting for? This game could crown a new NHL Stanley Cup Champion! Get your Detroit Red Wings playoff tickets right now!



Written by Derek Cowsert on behalf of StubHub, Inc. is one of the leading purchasers and vendors of sports tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets and tickets to just about any event in the world. You can access their site at to purchase Detroit Red Wings playoff tickets and all your NHL Playoff tickets.

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