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Detroit Red Wings 2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champions

Highlights from game 6 in Pittsburgh, where the Detroit Red Wings Clinched their 11th Stanley Cup. June 6th, 2008 Tribute Make sure you click "Watch in high quality" Special Thanks goes to the NHL for allowing me to use some of their video footage. The Red Wings are the greatest team. I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for watching.

25 Responses to “Detroit Red Wings 2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champions”

  1. ChanLeeP says:

    14 people who dislike this video has no life

  2. 17MegaFlyersfan says:

    GO FLYERS!!!! GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pumpdaddythe1st says:

    @theproducerspart2 and Dallas Cowboys

  4. redwingz1998 says:

    @redrocker1055 shanny did it

  5. randomhero7 says:

    detroit red wings will be 2010-2011 cup champs.

  6. bond12388 says:

    pitsburg bbbbest

  7. codman181 says:

    GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!

  8. dkstryker says:

    upload somthing from the 2008 stanley cup dvd

  9. kaputa814 says:

    if they only played o like ovy and sid then they could prob both put up 95 to 105 points a season because they are fast, have great hands, and amazing shots. they both had intense shootout goals against san jose last night. you guys are going to have fun tomorrow night cause the sharks are going to be rested and pissed. i really think that pav and zetterberg are very underrated though because they don’t put up as great of offensive #’s but pav had 97 points last year. they always have a good +-

  10. kaputa814 says:

    they seriously are modeled after detroit a little. i mean crosby and malkin focus on offense but the rest of the team gets held accountable for getting back on d which gave detroit so much success. yes ruslan sucks but look at who zetterberg has on his line, dan cleary andjason williams. are you kidding me? he is still putting up a point a game as well as datsyuk. those 2 are by far my favorite players because they are 2 of the best players in the league when the d is considered

  11. angelostallone says:

    malking has fedotanko he sucks bad,hes not a playmaker and duplis is a bum,when talbot comes back idk if he can be accountable for a long term period of time w malkin line to produce pts.alot of times malkin and sid make it happen on their selves,ovchekin is playing w bacstrom and semin….(2 all stars)but ovi might be the best in league!he creates chances every line shift!

  12. angelostallone says:

    crosby does get hotheaded at times,when u are a strong competitor u will get pissed off at times.he does take dumb penalities at times,he has to keep his composure sometimes,but when u hate to lose sometimes it gets to u,i dont know ppl are talking bout i never see em take dives,i know ppl fuck w em so he says shit back,i never heard em say anything bad bout any player in nhl.We need to get g scorers for sid and malkin.guerin is done now kunitz worries bout checking instead of scoring goals.

  13. kaputa814 says:

    i know what he was doing but … talbot speared osgood to start with and he jumped z from behind and hit him with his stick, yes ozzy embelished but. it’s not just holmstrom that he did it too. i mean i’m not the biggest holmstrom fan but the guy is great at what he does. my hatred for crosby comes from the dives, the trash talk on the ice, his cockyness, and cheap shots like the one on biron. i just prefer the style of play taht datsyuk displays, he plays harder than anyone else at both ends.

  14. angelostallone says:

    malkin was just sticking up for his teammates after we lost gm 2,him doing that turn the whole series around in are favor,hes a competitor hes not dirty at all,fleury hit holmstrom cause he was always in his face screening em, i dont care for matt cooke but every team needs an enforcer,crosby is a competitor sometimes he gets pissed off cause hes frustrated alot of gd players do that he wants to win,he does alot gd things for charities and what not u never hear em talk bad bout someone.

  15. kaputa814 says:

    i’m not trying to be a dick or fight with you but i respect the game, and some teams, and players. I just prefer detroit over any team because EVERYONE works hard and plays D. they aren’t all classy but they do have legends and great class acts like lidstrom, pav, hank, rafalski, helm, and pat eaves is a pretty good dude too.

  16. kaputa814 says:

    i really don’t care anymore. as i’ve said before the wings are pretty much hockey royalty and i’ll always root for them. i used to love the pens in the kovy days but crosby has brought nothing but shame to MY pens so therefore i can’t stand them anymore. it’s not just about takeaways dude. i mean yes leading in that category is impressive but it’s more, pav had 30 less giveaways and won 2 selkes and 2 byngs for sportsmanship. pav and hank are class acts. some pens are classy but def not all.

  17. kaputa814 says:

    they do NOT have class. malkin’s tantrum in game 2 is class???? matt cooke is classs??? i have the utmost respect for guerin and gonchar. fleury hitting people in the balls is classy. crosby’s childish antics draw hate from fans and me, not because he is good. his skills have nothing to do with why i don’t like him. i loved the pens until they drafted him because all of a sudden the pens were cool or something. i had respect for malkin until game 2.

  18. angelostallone says:

    first of all, are coach blysma changed are style into aggressive offense and backcheck,even though detroit plays that way to but he didnt copy that from detroit,im not hating but it seems to me that detroit scores from alot of blue line shots and screening the goalie as much as they can.detroit is great and always will be competiotrs but dont hate on the pens,they keep the ratings good for the nhl,why hate sid he plays his ass off,great competitor, and hates to lose,how can u hate that!

  19. angelostallone says:

    dude what r u talking bout,malkin forced the most turnovers last year he should of won mvp and his 2 line mates are garbage,skyora fedotanko!detroit is a great organization,they got a great franchise im not taking anything away from detroit but dont hate on the pens when they got nothing but class and the face of the league.

  20. kaputa814 says:

    ask anyone who knows anything about hockey, swedish players play a skilled game. some play differently than others. holmstrom has some of the best hands there are and if crosby deflects it in than it was amazing and there is no luck involved so drop it. datsyuk is more skilled at both ends than crosby and malkin anyway. they can’t do half the moves he can and they can’t play defense like him either. dumb and chase is not finesse and taht the pens style getting into the zone, then they screen.

  21. kaputa814 says:

    last nights game was not finesse. ever since detroit beat them there style has been a exact copy of detroits style. apparently your not watching the same penguins i am. why do you think they got bill guerin? i said nothing when the wings beat the pens actually. i’ve seen the wings make the playoffs and win 4 cups so my team doesn’t have to do anything special for me to like them unlike the pens and their so called “fans” . the season is young so don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  22. angelostallone says:

    wrap it up kid!u guys talked all that shit and rubed it in our face when u beat us then carma came back and stuck it right in ur cornhole!the wings screen goalies and shoot from blue line,holmstrom is a dirty cocksucker!!! wheres ur wings at this year!!!!!!ha!!! its a blessing to watch crosby and malkin for 82gms and then playoffs every year to watch their fanese gm in gm out.(what a show)!

  23. kaputa814 says:

    the wings have won that way for years where the hell have you been? ooh thats right no one watched the pens from 02 to 07 because they didn’t make the playoffs. the wings have done it that same way for 18 years. the wings whole game is finesse and skill, thats why they have all the sweds on the team because they are good with the puck. and i don’t think having cooke, guerin, talbot, staal, kennedy, and kunitz is exactly finesse either. thats more of a garbage style. do you even watch hockey?

  24. Pistonsfan1311 says:

    Ok maybe you don’t understand dumb fuck luck is a huge part of hockey. Another thing screening a goalie is another part of hockey. If your team is playing tight down near the net what else are we supposed to do beside pass it out to the blue line and rocket one past your goalie.

  25. PrimeReaper955 says:

    dude ur and idiot….. are of ur goals were lucky…. are actually were shot into the net, so fuck off.

    to angelostallone

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