Deryk Engelland

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  1. Letsgofor2 says:

    @jmdpgh81 You are right man. I was just excited to see a compilation of Engelland and then the vocals kind of ruined it until I hit mute. I grew up in the 80’s and prefer Dickenson, Halford and Dio. I actually returned a Iced Earth cd a long time ago because of the vocals. To each there own. Rock on man-:)

  2. jmdpgh81 says:


    It’s Pantera, dude. You cant honestly tell me you love metal music and have not ever heard Pantera? It’s called “5 minutes alone” look up the lyrics…It will make sense.

  3. Letsgofor2 says:

    I love Engelland and metal music. But damn WTF is with the barking dog vocals?
    Ever heard of Iron Maiden or Dream Theater? That’s what singing is supposed to sound like.

  4. Sinsemilla4u says:

    Awesome…been waiting for an updated Engelland highlight reel. Thanks!

  5. Sulis2007 says:

    Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town…

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