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Crosby and Jimmy Howard have words Detroit Red Wings VS penguins 03-22-2010.mp4

Penguins Crosby and Red Wings Jimmy Howard have a friendly conversation after the game on 03-22-2010

5 Responses to “Crosby and Jimmy Howard have words Detroit Red Wings VS penguins 03-22-2010.mp4”

  1. RockeyJesse20 says:

    Red Wings and Penguins seems more like a rivalry

  2. 69lildevil says:

    @fallensaint09 Yup! i love howie but i just cant let go of Ozzie! he is still so young and i want him to get his 400 wins! Osgood is THE most underrated goalie to ever put on the pads!

  3. fallensaint09 says:

    @69lildevil lol its cool. Howard is a BEST of a goalie for a rookie. You from Michigan?

  4. 69lildevil says:

    @fallensaint09 aww im sry i accidently voted down on u but i meant to like what u said. stupid new youtube! and yes the red wings n jimmah howard are amazing!!

  5. fallensaint09 says:

    Crosby trying to start stuff because he lost, to bad Howard doesnt take that crap. GO WINGS!

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