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Coach Bruce Boudreau addressing the Capitals!!

Great scene from 24-7 pens/caps.

25 Responses to “Coach Bruce Boudreau addressing the Capitals!!”

  1. ResidualMoneyClub says:

    basically what he’s saying is “You wont beat the Pens, but look like you want to”

    Watching this douche curse like a sailor, trying to be a tough guy is like watching Mr Whipple in a porno.

  2. Moraud5386 says:

    whatch´╗┐ this /watch?v=n94vytxB77Q

  3. xboxplaya420 says:

    fat fuck

  4. wiiman8910 says:

    im pretty sure he used fuck as a noun adj and verb

  5. jigsaw99 says:

    fucking fucking fucking premadonna bitch

  6. evanrules35 says:

    Ok ill try next time!

  7. flemmer1310 says:

    @TyCase4 i played jr.a in ontario actually.. just understanding the point he’s trying to make is confusing

  8. hatecrew333 says:

    he should be giving this speech to the toronto maple leafs. theyre the sorriest bunch of losers ive ever seen

  9. hatecrew333 says:

    im not one to stick up for the capitals, but if u dont understand the point hes trying to get across, your a fuckin moron. no kidding

  10. TyCase4 says:

    @flemmer1310 then you werent very good at hockey. if u cant understand what he said.. its pretty simple

  11. 00StangGT00 says:

    “don’t just THINK you want it go out and FUCKIN want it” hahaha awesome

  12. Rehtomflow says:

    @flemmer1310 You probably got hit in the head few times too many.

  13. flemmer1310 says:

    i’ve played hockey for 15 years and i have no clue what he just said. no kidding they can’t make it to the cup finals

  14. firstpoom1 says:


  15. highlander2107 says:

    “Thanks coach!”

  16. ballanation8484 says:

    @amme045 the whole episode is on youtube now. HBO posted it.

  17. frasermack18 says:

    Clouston wouldnt be so vocal, he would pat Spezza on the back for making a terrible back pass and give him more ice time….Bryan Murray on the other hand would be just like this!

  18. chezdodger says:

    @nmka123 You clearly know nothing about hockey and/or Boudreau.

  19. hunkydory69 says:

    @nmka123 hey I’m a leafs fan too…we have the same frustration..haha

    But yeah if he keeps doing this constantly like Wilson might be doing, you’re going to lose the room.

  20. nmka123 says:

    @hunkydory69 I agree, I am a leafs fan and i wish Ron Wilson was this vocal about his team than just stand like a good for nothing pillar, but seriously, do coaches swear in every two words of a sentence when their team is losing? I heard Boudreau said he doesn’t mind the speculation about his job, but it seems like this losing streak is clearly getting to his head.

  21. GreavesSeigel says:

    This is awesome! And I’m a Penguins fan!! Love the Boudreau!

  22. hunkydory69 says:

    @nmka123 You obviously have not been around the game of hockey at all. This is common place.

  23. nmka123 says:

    seriously..? I doubt Boudreau would have said any of this if he wasn’t on film for 24/7.

  24. origamiburitto says:

    1:18 i fucked a girl named shirley once…

  25. orange7costanza says:

    He sounds like the unintentionally funny love child of Jerry Seinfeld and George Carlin

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