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Chris Pronger Unsportsmanlike Penalty No Goal Call

The Flyers overtime game winner was called off due to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

25 Responses to “Chris Pronger Unsportsmanlike Penalty No Goal Call”

  1. Flyers20Fan says:

    that ref just got called up from the minors, no lie, i read that he is an ahl ref and they needed somebody last second and they called up this schmuck

  2. achsdu17 says:

    @avs27hky008 Ya, apparently your not allowed to block the goalie’s sight anymore. That’s not hockey, hell that’s not even soccer, basketball or any other lame sport I can think of.

  3. avs27hky008 says:

    @achsdu17 your allowed to stand in front of the net but there are also rules bub

  4. achsdu17 says:

    Are you F***ing serious! That’s a goal and from the time you grow up in pee wees to the pros you are told to go to the front and to get in front of the goalie. So he put his hand in front, he wasn’t touching him. That was garbage and I hope that ref get fired.

  5. dano032 says:

    @dbrown23la Goalies do that all the time, no reason to call it.

  6. bjax9251985 says:

    and as far as the avery rule, it is not a written rule like offsides, hooking, icing etc. It is an ammendment to the unsportsmanlike conduct penatly that is subject to refs. So you dont have to follow the avery rule to a “T’ (facing the goaltender waving a stick) to be guilty of unsportsmanlike. If you think it wasnt unsportsmanlike, you truely are a homer.

  7. bjax9251985 says:

    This bothers me that so many people have a problem with this call. Pronger has always been known as a dirtbag who will do anything to win. With that history, can anybody take him seriously when he says he was calling for the puck? Has anybody ever seen a hockey player call for the puck like that? There is no room in the game for this kind of stuff, if you wanna screen the tender, actually put your body in front of him.

  8. lifewithoutcash says:

    i’ve been waiting for this to be uploaded. garbage call by shitty refs…

  9. dbrown23la says:

    i agree with they cant allow this to happen but why not call a penalty on kipper for the slah the ref was right there an didnt right away call when pronger did it but when kipper started to complain he called it off terrible officiating in this 1 especially in o.t

  10. heyIMsofaKINGcool says:

    this might look innocent enough but if refs start allowin players to do this, then EVERYONE is gonna start doing it and thatll just take away from the real game of hockey

  11. bjtkyo says:

    Refs screwed this up only because they didn’t call it right away. It also really didn’t have a lot to do with the puck actually going in, since kipper was paying more attention to slashing pronger’s legs than squaring up to the puck….. But at the same time, you can’t have players waving their hands like that. If they don’t call this penalty, then players around the league will start putting hands in goalie’s faces while facing away.. that can’t happen.

  12. splunge999 says:

    to all the flyer fans that are complaining is there a reason why pronger turns his away from the play when he puts his hand in kippers face? watch the video closely as the puck goes up near the circle pronger turns his head back toward the corner behind the play and the puck crosses the line 2 seconds after pronger’s hand goes up not 5-6 seconds like you all seem to be saying now if pronger doesnt turn his away from the play here sould be no penalty but he turns his head to corner for no reason

  13. psychocloud says:

    @mikemichalak Avery rule states that a player must be facing the goalie in order for the rule to be enforced. You’re an idiot.

  14. fgb729 says:

    what i dont get is A) the penalty wasn’t called when it happened, and B) Kiprusoff was more distracted by slashing prongers legs then by the hand, which happened roughly 4 seconds before the shot was even taken

  15. AliEnosDesch says:

    I don’t think it should be a penalty

  16. oravnik says:

    Hah! That was a penalty?!?!? Where is this hockey going?

  17. NickPerryman18 says:

    I’m not gonna pretend I’ve read the official NHL rule book or anything, but my interpretation of the “Avery Rule” is that you can only screen a goalie by establishing body position in front of their crease, using your body to do it, not with your stick or your hands. If someone does happen to have the rule handy I’d like to read it.

  18. mikemichalak says:

    Pronger interfered by blocking the G with his hand. It doesn’t matter if you are facing the G or not. Typical Pronger bullshit. Bigg Buff knocked him on his ass last year and took him off his game.

  19. Flyersrule9 says:

    The rule is when your turned around facing the goalie and doing stuff like Avery did, you can see the reason mikka didnt make the save was because a hit pronger in the back of the leg with his stick. This was just a horrible call.

  20. RedWingsChamps2011 says:

    heres what i dont get… if it was goalie interference with pronger waving his hand… then why not blow the damn whistle when the D-man on the flyers had the puck???????????? why wait till the puck was in the net??

    these refs are fucking stupid

  21. powerplaydesign says:

    @Trapt311 yup

  22. Trapt311 says:

    if it was an unsportsmanlike penalty why didn’t the refs arm go up as soon as pronger motioned his arm?! the ref decides to waive it off after the goal was scored. piece of shit refs. bunch of assholes. would the call of been made if the shot went wide? i highly doubt it. flyers win period.

  23. Homeskillet1991 says:

    @teknomansnake the rule was made AFTER avery did it.

  24. teknomansnake says:

    if avery can get away with it y cant pronger.

  25. avs27hky008 says:

    typical flyer game

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