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Chicago Blackhawks at Pittsburgh Penguins

Cheap hit, and then a good old fashion donny brook.

18 Responses to “Chicago Blackhawks at Pittsburgh Penguins”

  1. Dramaghoul says:

    good old hipper, nothing more, nothing less…

  2. gohawksgo231 says:

    old time hockey

  3. ozzyskyler says:


  4. ozzyskyler says:

    Blakhawks all the way!

  5. beefcakes42 says:

    haha,penguins were,are, and always will be the the whiny little bitches of the NHL….GO HAWKS!!!!!

  6. mls201991 says:

    black hawkes rule

  7. ChicagoBlackHawks08 says:

    who knows and who carse! Right?

  8. ShaSha1028 says:

    pussy penguins..go hawks!

  9. spillbait69 says:

    in case you missed it marchment was just as big of a piece of shit with all of the knee shots he dished out

  10. skifusya says:

    “Samuelsson does not drop his gloves here….”

    Did he ever?

  11. jjhawksjj says:

    With all of the cheapshots Ulfie did in his time it’s a wonder no one killed that POS.

  12. ekim007bs says:

    ULF’s cheapshot is why Marchment pounded him.

  13. jkrx says:

    show me another one of these typical left hooks.. moron.

  14. apodino says:

    Typical Ulfie cheap shot. Then he Turtles when Marchment starts punching him. The Coward.

    I remember watching this game when it happened. I don’t blame Marchment one bit for instigating with Ulfie, because Ulfie deserved it.

  15. jkrx says:

    doesn’t matter.. we all know who won the cup and who didn’t :P

  16. red7pin says:

    don’t bother mentioning that ULF started the fkn thing…real class there….

  17. JJJ5032 says:

    2:07 Chris Hardass Chelios swiping his skate at Ulfs leg.. Very Classy!

  18. savethissilence says:

    little bitter that we swept them in the cup the year prior.

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