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Change – Pittsburgh Penguins – 2009 Stanley Cup Champions Tribute

I have loved this song since I first heard it during the Olympics, but when I listened to it recently during the Stanley Cup Finals- I just knew it was the perfect song for the Penguins! Enjoy! Please feel free to comment, rate, and subscribe!! *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!* All the photos and music in this video belong to their owners!! I don't claim any of it for my own! This is just for a fun tribute!

6 Responses to “Change – Pittsburgh Penguins – 2009 Stanley Cup Champions Tribute”

  1. pensgirl718725 says:

    this song is perfect i love the pens they do incredable things all the men on that team are my heros :)

  2. chihiro602 says:

    go penguins!!

  3. thepittsburghgirl says:

    sooo true<3 this song was made for the pens(:

  4. XHawks4ever says:

    Great vdeo thanks for making it

  5. rogtodd says:

    GO PENS. Great video… what a great season that we will Pens fans will never forget

  6. tbreinig07 says:

    That was an amazing video. I love the Taylor Swift and this is one of my favorite songs. Very fitting for the Penguins.

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