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Capitals vs Penguins -Winter Classic- Highlights- 01/01/11 [HD]

Pittsburgh Pens 1:3 Washington Caps full highlights 01/01/01 NHL Winter Classic game. New Years Day game! Capitals win 3-1 , Ovechkin vs Crosby Goals scored by Evgeni Malkin, Mike Knuble, Eric Fehr (2)

25 Responses to “Capitals vs Penguins -Winter Classic- Highlights- 01/01/11 [HD]”

  1. fremle says:

    Geez, why is everyone complaining? We won this time, fair and square, just accept it.

  2. bmatta25 says:

    @topherbear Nothing about what you said is true and you just sound like an uneducated punk like the entire caps organization. Crosby is having his way with the NHL right now.

  3. 247NHL says:

    Epic Score Vol4 – I Still Have a Soul

  4. bsbmlnm says:

    what’s that first piano song called? anyone know?

  5. SuperHenderson13 says:

    @topherbear will always be superior? are you implying that he already is? HAHAHAHA GET A REALITY CHECK BUDDY… Crosby has owned Ovechkin in every single important game that they have played against each other, playoffs, WJC, olympics… what has Ovechkin done? lol dumbass

  6. Britex123 says:

    man i wish they had something like this once a month

  7. ahnington says:

    What song is in the beginning?

  8. mokyboy11 says:


  9. FlyingHellfish08 says:

    how can you guys care so much about a team that still hasnt made it past the second round in the playoffs LOL! joke team choke artists

  10. Choolo says:

    @topherbear Ovechkin is superior to Crosby in every way! He’s won a World Junior Gold Medal, been to two Stanley Cup finals, won a Stanley Cup, won an Olympic Gold Medal by scoring the winning OT goal, went on a 25 game point streak in the modern era of hockey…..oh wait that’s Crosby. And doesn’t Ovi still live with his parents? Chicks must be all over a player living with his parents…rather than a champion.

  11. icytower100 says:

    caps rock but only 1 team in the nhl could beat them the team is montreal canadiens

  12. 247NHL says:

    yes it was 3-1

  13. Michael8Hall says:

    @ChrisGarzon25 so why did the pens only score one goal, on a breakaway?

  14. raisinboy4president says:

    @topherbear wrong ovechkin can never be superior to crosby. 1 stanley cup, 1 gold medal, 1 junior world championship, 2 eastern conference championships. chicks dig winners

  15. 14GarryParmar says:

    @topherbear Ovechkin is 25 years old and Crosby is 23 years old Crosby has already acheived everything in the nhl

  16. topherbear says:

    @TheHockeysniper17 wrong, Crosbys a pussy, everyone knows this. Ovechkin will always be superior to Crosby..hes so…little. hahaha chicks dont dig small.

  17. topherbear says:

    @ChrisGarzon25 haha right, it should have been 4-1 with the easy wrap around, or 5-1 if ovechkin didnt fuck up…the penguins didnt deserve shit that night, fuck crosby fuck the penguins GO CAPS!

    the capitals WILL win the stanley cup this year, mark my words. Ovechkin IS > Crosby

  18. topherbear says:

    @GTreconGT hahahahahaha AGREED, fuck Sidney, GO oviiiiiiiii!

    Capitals > Penguins …Ovechkin > Crosby

  19. healthshack says:


    I absolutely agree with you. This game is more overhyped than the Stanley Cup Finals. In the end, this is just a regular season game worth 2 points in the standings.

  20. EightAvalanche says:

    i hope both pens and caps fan can agree that… philly sucks!
    go caps!

  21. ChrisGarzon25 says:

    All The capitals goals were fucking garbage , pittsburgh is the much better team .

  22. TheHockeysniper17 says:

    Hate the caps. Screw em. Crosby better than ovi.

  23. ntfd125 says:

    we were outplayed the 2nd and 3rd.

  24. maniacchris says:

    I mean over ha

  25. maniacchris says:

    this game was sooooooooooooo overy hyped.

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