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Capitals vs Penguins Winter Classic 2011 Pre Game Vid

WATCH THE WHOLE THING PICS ARE ONLY FOR ABOUT 20SEC. just a vid i put together to get everyone ready for the Caps vs Pens winter classic game in pitt.....should be a great game GO CAPS!......**I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICS,VIDS,OR MUSIC**

25 Responses to “Capitals vs Penguins Winter Classic 2011 Pre Game Vid”

  1. WahooWa1819 says:

    @fox4life32 alright….thanks for your opinion…

  2. fox4life32 says:

    burn it to the ground is the oldest fucking and worst song in the world

  3. WahooWa1819 says:

    @sidthekidisnumber1 thats bullshit any fan of the Caps and Pens cared about this game if not then your not a true fan, every Pens vs Caps game means something and every fan of the teams cares….might not admit it after they get beat but every fan of the teams wants to win and wants to win badly….but i agree with you, game is over it was fun and cool to win but the playoffs is what counts and thats how both the Caps and Pens are judged come season end. both teams are cup contenders

  4. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    @mlahk7 i never really cared but instead of arguing like little kids lets just watch how the season plays out

  5. crosbyesmio1 says:

    Sad that the penguins lost, but they’ll get em next time! GO PENS!

  6. mlahk7 says:

    @sidthekidisnumber1 yea the cup two years ago is relevent but you gotta admit the ones in the early 1990’s cant really be used to determine which team is better considering its an entirely different team now…..and i love how you pens are all like “oh the winter classic is only 2 points no one cares anyways” haha really? because a week ago it seemed like a pretty big deal to you guys…but that was before you lost :D

  7. MrDanglesnipes18 says:

    The Penguins did not deserve to be in it again after 2 years especially at home, the Sabres should have won the first won….fuck the Penguins

  8. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    @WahooWa1819 lol i dont give a fuck about one regular season game, oh wow it was outside, well it was still worth 2 points, caps will choke in the playoffs again and the pens will win the cup fag

  9. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    @mlahk7 we just won a cup 2 years ago, its a big difference

  10. mlahk7 says:

    @sidthekidisnumber1 i love how pens fans always say “we have 3 cups and you have none!!” well the edmonton oilers have 5 cups. so does that mean they are better than the penguins? even though they have one of the worst records in the league right now?

  11. WahooWa1819 says:

    @NOVAfilming lol hell yeah!

  12. 3MenandBecca says:

    Wonderful video! You did a fantastic job representing both teams and the fan excitement that went with this game! Go Caps!

  13. mlahk7 says:

    @NOVAfilming hahaha i laughed during that commercial

  14. NOVAfilming says:


  15. axeman196822 says:

    I went to The Winter Classic yesterday. I figured out why pens fans are no-class trash, it’s their town, what a desolate dump.

  16. WahooWa1819 says:

    and now every Pens fans will do nothing but talk about winning the cup…..last time i checked this was the WINTER CLASSIC not the cup, and the Pens didnt win it last year so no one cares :)

  17. WahooWa1819 says:

    @sidthekidisnumber1 awww are we just a little upset that the Pens didnt win their winter classic?? :( lol you pens fans never stop making me and the rest of the NHL laugh. you lost, yet all the Pens fans talk about PAST accomplishments lol this was the winter classic not the cup…..why are you talking about cups?? o wait because the Pens lost the winter classic and all you pens fans are just pissed and have to bring up PAST stuff in order to feel good lol just STFU you lost get over it.

  18. sidthekidisnumber1 says:

    @WahooWa1819 C-U-P-S cups cups cups, oh wait the caps dont have any, calm down caps fans you won one game on terribble ice lol, let me know when you do something that actually counts

  19. cornball918 says:

    woa, wait, did they skate with the stanley cup? Darn, I missed it!

  20. gorockgo123 says:

    @WahooWa1819 crosby is the best nhl player .

  21. WahooWa1819 says:

    wooooooo! hell yeah boys! kickin cindys little ass and makin Fittsburgh cry some more hahahaha

  22. lostinthemix says:

    I’d love to see Ovey knock the fuck outa Cindy Crysby

  23. WahooWa1819 says:

    lets goooooooo boys today is the day wooooooooo! C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS!!! WOOOOOOOOO!

  24. ricicr7 says:

    great vid,great song and GREAT OVECHKIN !!! Today ! is YOUR DAY !!!!

  25. PhreerideErik says:

    Predictions: Caps win in OT, Ovechkin elected President of the World, Crosby dies of frostbite to his ego, Malkin declares allegiance to Ovechkin, claims “Some pigs are more equal than others”… and Matt Cooke dies of starvation in the penalty box… oh ya Brashear takes a 10 minute misconduct for watching the game on TV and getting caught by’s goon satelite.

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