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Capitals 5 Bruins 3 (Game 10 of the 2010-11 NHL Season)

Highlights of the Boston Bruins loss to the Washington Capitals as Tim Thomas's winning streak ends at 7.

7 Responses to “Capitals 5 Bruins 3 (Game 10 of the 2010-11 NHL Season)”

  1. MariiAndMikesMusic says:

    CaPzFaN4eVa1 at least we fucking made it to the 2 round caps blue after a full good sesone they come a lose it in the first round fucking worthless atleast the bruins did better uthere then lossing in the 7th roundand ur team did shit but wait for ur star player to do all the fucking work

  2. CaPzFaN4eVa1 says:

    @MariiAndMikesMusic go blow a 3-0 lead in the series and go blow a 3-0 lead in game 7.

  3. VegitoBlitz24 says:

    When I saw it was 3-0 Caps I honestly thought Rask was in the net…

  4. boygenius88 says:


    and you can blow another 3-0 series lead again. GO CAPS!

  5. MariiAndMikesMusic says:

    noooooooo bruins should have won caps can go lose in fist round agienn lmao

  6. CelticsOWNCavaliers says:


    well at least the Bruins swept the home-and-home AND tied the game after being down 3 in the third

    Celtics beat the Chicago Bullshit, however, so least that was good

  7. BmoreNevermoreRRG says:

    Hell yeah! Carlson FTW!

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