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Canucks at Penguins: The Overview

If you missed today’s matchup, you missed a classic.  After a pretty even matchup with a good Canucks team, the Penguins win in a (4-3) shootout.  What is a Canuck you may ask?  A Canuck is a slang term which means Canadian.  The Penguins benefited from goals from Sidney Crosby, Chris Kunitz, and Olli Maatta.  In the shootout, the lone goal was scored from a 5 foot backhand by Evgeni Malkin.  In Hockey, as long as you make it to OT, you will earn at least a point.  So, the Canucks will earn a point in the 4-3 Over Time Loss (OTL).  The same principal holds true in a shoot out loss (SOL).  However, the overall record and OTL and SOL displays as a tie.  Weird, huh?  This win takes the Penguins record to (7-1-0), while the Canucks fall to (5-3-1).  See what is next up for each club below:


Sunday, October 20 @ Columbus Blue Jackets (2-4)


Monday, October 21 vs. Colorado Avalanche (6-1)

This should be a great matchup as the Penguins and the Avalanche are the two top teams in the NHL.

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